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So here's a bunch of stuff I haven't posted here yet.

For [ profile] john_farr:

Main track

Fall (Rodney/Jeannie, R, 994 words)
God, this story is sad. Also, there I go incesting up another fandom; in fairness, though, it's done for horror.

Almost Normal (Lorne/McKay, R, 1682 words)
Lorne is pretty much the best. It's true.

Virgin!John track

Orange You Glad (John solo, John/Rodney, R, 963 words)
Can I just say that this is the best Rodney characterization that I've ever written? Because he's such an asshole, but he totally owns it, and he's the kind of asshole whose side you could be on.

Peeled (John/Rodney, NC-17, 656 words)
I sort of felt bad about how physically impossible this story was- but then I remembered I was writing an AU where humans go into heat, and I stopped caring.

Because They Have Appeal (John/Rodney, NC-17, 657 words)
::shot for pun::

For [ profile] rosehiptea at [ profile] purimgifts:

So here's a bunch of stuff I haven't posted over here yet.

No Bicycle (Cameron/Cuddy, PG, 311 words)
I don't know what I think about this fic. I find both Cuddy and Cameron difficult to write, especially without House to bounce them off of.

Might Have Been (Faye/Julia, R, 409 words)
Guilty pleasure pairing FTMFW.

A Woman Like That (VT, PG-13, 373 words)
I'm really very pleased with how this story came out. Getting back into writing Bebop fic is very satisfying, because my style in that fandom is completely different- it's writing for beautiful language, and I think I really pulled it off here.

For [ profile] abarero at [ profile] boostlethon:

Observations (Booster/Ted, PG-13, 2104)
This is actually from last year, but I'd yet to repost it; I post it now because I'm doing an essay on it this Monday for [ profile] superhero_muses.
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