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Previous years: 2006, 2007

Gyakuten Saiban: 4 stories, 1 series, 1 podfic, 1 commentary

I'll Come Meet Your Plane (Phoenix/Edgeworth, PG, 293 words)
Short, bittersweet little character study.

Free of Charge (Phoenix/Edgeworth, 18+, 3054 words)
Edgeworth's bad habit is hookers (who look like Klavier). This is the second fic I've written where Phoenix is mistaken for a prostitute. It's becoming a trend. Originally for the PW Kink Meme.

New Beginnings (Phoenix/Edgeworth, 18+, 4861 words)
Edgeworth contracts sitcom-grade amnesia, and Phoenix cares for him. Originally for the PW Kink Meme.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape (Klavier/Apollo, Kristoph/Klavier/OMCs, 18+, 2222 words)
Klavier's sex tape is leaked to the masses. Originally for the PW Kink Meme.

Disclosure (Edgeworth/Phoenix, NC-17, 2158 words)
Edgeworth and Phoenix hook up in a D/s flavored verse. Originally for [ profile] dooooooom.

“Still Standing” by Ms. Sara Fright (Daryan/Klavier, Klavier/?, PG, 1797 words)
A Klavier character study disguised as a magazine article.

Stinger (Edgeworth/Phoenix, R, 2158 words)
Edgeworth and Phoenix's relationship deteriorates.

Order (Edgeworth/Phoenix, PG-13, 2181 words)
Phoenix stands trial after the events of Seven Years Ago.

I'll Come Meet Your Plane (Phoenix/Edgeworth, PG, 1:46)

Order (Edgeworth/Phoenix, 3619 words)

Countdown to Apollo: Meta on every case in games 1 through 3. One of the main reasons I didn't write anything substantial between January and March.

[ profile] gyaku_meta opened in September!

House: 6 stories, 1 podfic, 2 commentaries

Aces High (All Bets Off Remix) (House/Wilson, NC-17, 2718 words)
House and Wilson at the end of the world. A remix of [ profile] topaz_eyes's Joker's Wild. For [ profile] remixredux08.

Untitled (With Perfection) (House/Foreman, PG-13, 281 words)
House pointedly doesn't propose. For [ profile] queenzulu.

Complement (Cameron/Chase/Foreman, PG-13, 1206 words)
A fluffy, happy poly love story. For [ profile] ignazwisdom at [ profile] livelongnmarry.

Plus ça change (Cameron/Chase/Foreman, House/Cuddy/Wilson, PG, 319 words)
Tag for Complement. Bonus for [ profile] ignazwisdom at [ profile] livelongnmarry.

The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady (John Henry Giles/Cora, PG, 300 words)
Everybody loves dialect. For [ profile] ppth_support.

The Rhythm of the Saints
The Roots of Rhythm Remain (House/Wilson/Cuddy, Evan/Ethan, NC-17, 20014 words)
Possibly an opus. Probably not. For [ profile] house_bigbang.

Untitled (With Perfection) (House/Foreman, PG-13, 1:46)

The Lay of the Lupus Monster (Gen, 898 words)

Aces High (All Bets Off Remix) (House/Wilson, 2718 words)

Stargate: Atlantis: 5 stories

Primitive Science (McKay/Teyla, R, 831 words)
McKay's frantic inner monologue.

Accessories (Sheppard/McKay, PG-13, 450 words)
Sheppard thoroughly embarrasses himself in front of the natives.

Damage Control (Sheppard/McKay/Beckett/Weir, R, 913 words)
Everybody needs post-Siege lovin's.

Results May Vary (Sheppard/Zelenka, McKay/Zelenka, Sheppard/McKay, Sheppard/McKay/Zelenka, NC-17, 4360 words)
Four variations on the theme of being higher than a kite and gayer than blazes.

We're Number 1 (Lorne/Zelenka, Sheppard/McKay, PG, 397 words)
AG-2 beats AG-1, hands down.

Firefly: 3 stories

Shave and a Haircut (Zoe/Wash, PG, 591 words)
Zoe takes matters into her own hands. For [ profile] rachel2205 at [ profile] serenity_santa.

Thirty Kisses - Jayne/Kaylee
Better Unsaid - Wherein Mal gets an earful.
Better Things - Wherein Jayne has everything.

DC Comics: 3 stories

In paradisum (Superman/Vandal Savage, PG-13, 1112 words)
DCAU. An alternate ending for Hereafter.

Observations (Booster/Ted, PG-13, 2114 words)
An outsider's look at Ted, Booster, and the rest of the JLA- or at least what they'd look like in graduate school. For [ profile] abarero at [ profile] boostlethon.

The Expanded Version (Lex Luthor/OFC, PG, 100 words)
This is a fanfiction. This is a derivative work based on a borrowed source. And that's terrible. For [ profile] fortycakes.

Big Bang Theory: 2 stories

Side Effects (Sheldon/Penny/Leonard, R, 938 words)
Sex pollen is accidentally created. Quite possibly the first Sheldon/Penny/Leonard fic in the fandom.

The Scientific Method: Part One and Part Two (Sheldon/Leonard, PG, 1323 words)
Sheldon attempts scientific seduction. For a challenge at [ profile] bigslashtheory. Still WIP.

Big Bang Theory/Stargate: Atlantis: 1 story

The Prostitute Quandary, or Why Leonard Will Never Eat Thai Food At Midnight (Again) (Sheldon/McKay, Penny/Leonard/Sheppard, Sheldon/Leonard, PG, 792 words)
Sheldon brings home a stray from the Pegasus Galaxy.

Dresden Files: 1 story

One Sentence (Harry/Murph, PG-13, 1099 words)
Harry and Murph find a way. For [ profile] 1sentence.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: 1 story

Find the Time (Billy/Penny, PG-13, 300 words)
Dark!fic is dark, y'all.

Harry Potter: 1 story

Nothing Like It (Hermione/Ginny, NC-17, 300 words)
I'm pretty sure this is the first HP fic or femmeslash I've written in at least two years.

Iron Man Movieverse: 1 story

Knot (Gen, PG, 236 words)
I spend way too much time pondering the decisions of costume designers.

Marvel Comics: 1 story

The Baxter Building Bicycle (Reed/Ben, Reed/Ben/Alicia, Reed/Johnny, Reed/Sue, R, 942 words)
Reed is truly the village bike, as much as he doesn't mean to be.

Othello: 1 story

Epilogue (Cassio/Iago, NC-17, 134 words)
Torture and subtext = very yes.

PG Wodehouse: 1 story

Boxing Day (Jeeves/Wooster, G, 338 words)
Bertie pointedly does propose.

Smallville: 1 story

Ilex vomitoria (Lex/Lana, Clark/Lana, R, 357 words)
Lex character study. Also, Lex throws up on a topiary.

January: No stories
February: 1 story
March: 3 stories
April: 1 story
May: 5 stories
June: 1 story
July: 1 story
August: 1 story
September: 1 story, 2 podfics
October: 3 stories
November: 2 stories
December: 9 stories

61692 words
36 stories or chapters
2 podfics
1 new series
3 commentary tracks
1 new community
a buttload of meta

14 fandoms
6 new fandoms
1 crossover

36 pairings/groupings
22 new pairings/groupings (, seriously?)
22 stories containing slash
10 stories containing het
7 stories containing threesomes
1 story containing a foursome
1 story containing femmeslash
1 gen story
Most common pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth

2 new tattoos- that has nothing to do with fic, I just wanted to point it out

My favourite story this year (of my own): Observations. Y'all, I love that fic so hard. It was kind of a bastard to write, but I feel like it really came off, and that's incredibly satisfying.

My best story this year: Gah. That's like picking between your kids. Honestly, I might have to say Epilogue. It does exactly what it's intended to do with pinpoint precision. Alternately, I'd say Order, which has the tightest construction, but it won't be a really great story until the whole verse is finished. I got plans.

Most successful fic: Oddly enough, probably New Beginnings. It got probably 30+ comments at the Kink Meme and ten at Objection.

Story most tragically underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Primitive Science. I've gotten nary a comment on it (hint, hint, anvil), and that makes me sad. Despite being my first real attempt at SGA fic, I'm really pleased at how McKay's voice turned out.

Most fun story: Accessories. I think I was giggling the whole time I wrote it. The Prostitute Quandary was also loads of fun.

Most sexy story: Sex, Lies, and Videotape. The thing I really like about that story is Apollo's helplessness. It could have had a very different, much darker feel, but putting Apollo sort of between the porn and the reader lightens it up a lot. Also, Klavier gangbang.

Story with single sexiest moment: From Free of Charge:

"Wright leaned back against the door, waiting for Edgeworth to finally formulate a coherent sentence. He lazily swept a finger over the corner of his mouth, catching a stray drop of come and trailing it across his tongue, and Edgeworth suddenly forgot what he had been trying to say in the first place."


Most unintentionally *telling* story: I'll Come Meet Your Plane. It is, to me, the saddest story I've ever written, because that's how I've felt since I was thirteen and first stepped on an airplane. It's me at my very worst.

For less srs bizness, Nothing Like It. It has been so long since I did it with a girl (or... anybody, for that matter) I'm not even sure where stuff goes anymore.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Find the Time. It's made of pure evil.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: In paradisum. I don't often consider Superman's motivations, nor his characterization, because I just don't really write him a lot.

Hardest story to write: Ilex vomitoria, hands down, no question. I tried and tried and tried with that story, and it just never did what I wanted. I really do like how it turned out, but it's not where I wanted to go with it. Also a bitch was Rather Be a Hammer than a Nail from The Roots of Rhythm Remain, cause John House is damn hard to write.

Worst story: This year, I didn't write anything I'm not proud of; that's not a cop out, because I have written stuff before that I wasn't proud of and never wanted to read again. Comparatively, though, I might have to say Complement. I just don't think it worked like I wanted it to; Plus ca change gets more done with more style in a quarter of the wordcount.

Easiest story to write: The first half of Aces High. I flew through that shit. Boxing Day was quite easy as well.

Story I’d like to revise: Of stories still in progress, The Scientific Method. I just don't know what's wrong with it, but I've been stumped on it for a couple of months. Of completed stories, New Beginnings. The ending it currently has was not the original one; I changed it because I felt it was OOC for Edgeworth, but the ending now seems OOC for more people as a result. But then, I don't really revise.

Story I didn’t write but will at some point, I swear: Girl. I got a list as long as your arm. I usually do a WIP cleanout at the end of the year, but I haven't this year, so I have like, five fics ready to go in the next couple of weeks.

Final thoughts: Overall, I'm really happy with my output this year. I didn't realize what a range of fandoms I'd covered until I actually sat down and did this index. I wrote stuff I never said I would- apocalypse fic, a story over 10000 words, Jeeves/Wooster. Here's hoping I can keep up next year (and not fail out of graduate school).
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