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Here are some general thoughts on the things I like:

- I like vids that are happy and playful, though in these fandoms, esp. Ghost Dog, there are some openings for vids that are thoughtful and meditative, and I love that too. What I don't like is a focus on violence; incidental canonical violence is fine, but unless it's ridiculously over-the-top (see Clue) I'm not into it.
- I like lots and lots of kinds of music, so feel free to explore! I generally like music outside the top-40, because I feel like once you hit a certain saturation, it becomes harder to make an immersive vid. But that is up to you!
- I like canons that have heart, that are respectful of their characters, that generally take their characters seriously even when they're flippant about everything else. I don't like things ironically, especially not these fandoms, and I hate the idea of making something just to point out how stupid something is- I love a good subversive vid, but not a "let's all point and laugh" one.

If you want a general look at what I think of vids, here are mine, which may or may not be any good but here we are.

Ghost Dog [Movie]

I love everything this movie chooses to be. I love unreliable narrators, I love the sense of the inevitability of death, both of people and of ways of life. I love how it's really about the ways that people do and don't understand each other- Louie and Ghost Dog, Ghost Dog and Raymond. I'd really love to see something with Raymond, because Raymond is the best. I'm less interested in fight scenes and action than I am in the quiet parts of this movie, Ghost Dog driving around, times in the park or with the pigeons, etc.

I think triphop could be really cool for this; I particularly like artists like Massive Attack, Portishead, etc. Something atmospheric and moody. Though maybe something lighter for a Raymond vid? IDK. This one is the only one I have many musical thoughts about.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. [TV]

SHIELD is ridiculous and I love it. We're not far in (we will be once you start!), but I'm really loving the sense of building a team/family, in ways that defy the narratives and gender roles that these things slot into- headstrong rivals who don't devolve into sexual passive-aggression! strong silent women! squeamish male lab rats!- while at the same time being superficially your average spy drama.

As far as characters go, Melinda is my favorite ever and she is the best and generally all the keysmash for her. I ship Coulson/May really really hard, so if you wanted to make me a Coulson/May vid I would just die and collapse into pieces. Alternately, all the friendships! Fitzsimmons! Ward and Skye! Also I think Lola and the Bus are very sexy, so a vehicles vid for this show could be epic.

The Big Lebowski [Movie]

All of it yes good. Mostly I just love the surrealness of this movie, and I'd really like to see a vid that reflects/emphasizes this. It's in so many ways so inexplicable, but deep down it's a movie that has so much heart to it, and I think that's what's captivating about it. I'd love a Walter vid, especially if it had his and Donny's friendship (such as it is), because I think Walter really loves Donny, as only Walter can love someone. A Dude/white russians vid has the potential to be totally awesome. Mostly just anything spectacular and surreal.

Constantine [Movie]

I really love the overall look and feel of this movie, the visual darkness of it, the starkness. It's kind of bleak in a lot of ways, more so than you'd expect from a movie that was (supposed to be) such a blockbuster as this. I'd love to see something focusing on Gabriel, particularly hir and Constantine's relationship, which is of course gloriously fucked up. I also love Midnite and Balthazar and Satan really a lot, so anything with any of them would be great.

The Fifth Element [Movie]

Moving from a dark movie to a light movie! I love how bright and colorful this movie is, so very pretty. I love the feeling of openness that it has, the feeling that even in this tightly packed world there's all this space and all this life. Love it.

Anyway, as characters and focus go, my favorites are Zorg and Vito Cornelius. I think a vid about both or either of them could be really cool, because I think their similarities and differences are neat. I also really like Leeloo and all her bumbling around, because who doesn't like figuring-out-the-world bumbling.

Archer [TV]

This show is so incredibly silly and I love it so much, lord. I love how everyone is so bad and good at everything at the same time; I love shows about fuckups who still somehow make things work. I really adore the animation style too.

For specific things: PAM. ALL THE PAM YES GOOD. Ahem. Anyway Pam is my favorite. Something with her and Cheryl/Carol would be great. Mostly I'm in this show for all the awesome ladies. A Malory vid would also be beyond amazing. Lana is, obviously, also fabulous. Anything ladies. Alternately Ray. There can ALWAYS be more Ray.

Clue (1985) [Movie]

This ridic movie, I love it so much and I don't even know why. I have seen it a millionty times, and I have so many good memories of it (I totally used to ship Plum/Scarlet back in the day). The death sequences are some of my favorite parts, don't ask me why, mostly for the sheer ridiculousness of them. I've seen a couple vids of the everybody-runs-around scenes, and honestly I'd like to see something a little different than that, or that done differently? You can consider that a warning or a challenge!

Get Smart [TV]

This is the TV of my childhood, and it fills me with such glee. I fell in love with Don Adams at a very, very young age and never got over it. 99 and 86 were my very first OTP, so anything with them would be really great. A vid about gadgets would fill me with delight (the Cone of Silence is my favorite). Anything celebrating the ridiculousness of this show would be perfect. I love its over-the-top-ness in all ways.
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