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Date: 2016-06-28 04:19 pm (UTC)
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Hi!! I'm replying over here instead of LJ because for some reason, a lot of LJ accounts have been reset by the LJ not to allow comments on posts. I think mine might be one of them too so I'm going to have to go and see how I can enable comments again.

Now, on to your post. Dear, I so get it. My five-month old nephew died about four years ago. After that happened, I could not stand certain kinds of shows/movies. Mostly those that were so non-challant about murder or death. I just couldn't take it. It was like a fire brand on my skin, something reaching into my heart and just squeezing. I couldn't do it. I still am deeply affected by some of those story lines. And that's something I've noticed myself about movies/tv is how callous they have become with death. Like it doesn't matter and I just . . . can't. It makes me sick to my stomach and rant at the TV by equal measure.

You asked about media violence and it's history, well I'm in that business and I've studied it's history so I can answer that for you. A lot of trends in movies and tv have to do with what's happening in society. Like during the cold war people were obsessed with sci-fi, mostly alien invasion movies because they felt that way in their real lives. There was also a lot of gang and revenge movies and series in the 80s because, again, because it was a time when that kind of violence was prominent in cities and it was driving from people's fears. In the 90s, we had a lot of dramas, mostly family dramas because we saw the rise of divorce and the breaking up of families. It was also the time for the serial killer/police stories though the eighties also shared a lot of those. Dry, violent, everything that can go wrong will go wrong comedies. In the 20s, 30s and 40s there was a lot of musicals. It was the era of the great depression, WWI and WWII, so people wanted lighthearted, stories with happy endings. That was also the time for the infamous war romances. I could go on and on but you see what I mean.

The trends we see are usually a reflection on how we feel about our world. Like right now, we are so uncertain about our future that we have the superhero genre, we have zombie apocalypses although that was more 2000s, stupid, brainless comedies, movies without any substance but explosions and special effects because people don't want to think and are so stressed at work and daily life they just need to decompress, we have dark, incredibly violent scenes in pretty much everything, and the whole bad guys are now good because, again, we need to believe that we can be jerks and still be liked.

So there you have it. It has gotten incredibly graphic in tv. Like for instance, I like Criminal Minds but now I can't stand it because of how graphic it's become. So yeah, it's so hard to find a nice show without all that crap thrown in there because that's what people want to see. They need somewhere where they can take out their aggressions so we have what we have.

We shouldn't have to put up with anything that hurts us, period. If violence hurts you, then why in the world should you have to put yourself through it just to please other people? But you're right, unless you've been there, people just don't get it. But know that there are people that do. I'm glad you're better now. I went through the same thing after my car accident so yeah, it's horrible to feel and be so out of control. *huggles*
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