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2017-09-29 01:26 am
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On Podcasts What I Like

So I got it in my head (mostly because of people complaining about the Beef and Dairy Network's ads, which I agree are no good) to write up a thing about the podcasts I listen to. Here I present to you one representative episode (or an episode I really like) from all the podcasts I listen to regularly. If you're interested in dipping your toe in, whether into podcasts or into these particular shows, try some of these!

Podcast goodness under the cut )
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2017-05-20 01:37 pm
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Seeing podficcers!

So a while ago I mentioned writing a story for a Critical Role theatripod, and upon the suggestion of [ profile] blackglass, I am looking for a few good readers to do it for [community profile] pod_together!

I'm thinking it's best to keep readers to eight people or under, enough to cover a rather large cast of characters without being too hard to wrangle. I have no idea how long it'll be (but probably at least 5k), and it'll primarily focus on Vox Machina ensemble. So if there's some member of the team you're desperate to be, please mention it below. Hell, if there's an NPC you're desperate for, mention that too, because this is gonna be a kitchen sink kind of a thing.

Some notes on what I like to write, which are not different from my usual if you're familiar with my writing: Read more... )

So if you read all that, take a moment to review the [community profile] pod_together rules and timeline, and if it sounds good to you, leave a comment! Also mention what platform you'd like to collaborate on, and whether you can help with editing (I can do it if no one else wants to, but I'm not super great at it). Once we put together a cast, I'll solicit more ideas and see what people want before I get started writing.

Podfic! \o/

ETA: What a good response! I'm going to get everyone who's replied so far on a gdoc, but feel free to comment if that doesn't include you, and if we end up with a gap to fill, I may call upon you.
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2016-08-11 08:35 pm

Loot cleanout!

Time to cleanout my Lootcrate backlog! All of these are unused items in their original packaging, but all of them have been unwrapped. Taking offers (over $5 please) for one or multiple items, first come first served, will ship anywhere but buyer plays shipping.

Large but not very good pictures behind the cut )
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2016-06-27 04:29 pm
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The Last Five Years (Or: That Violence Post)

It started with The Hunger Games.

2010-2011 was a pretty rough time for me, mentally speaking. I spent a lot of it as an anxious wreck, and even though I was medicated, it was only working so well. For a while, it felt like literally anything could trigger a panic attack for me, but nothing was as sure-fire as depictions of violence. Didn't matter if they were fictional or real; if it involved people being hurt, I couldn't deal with it.

In early 2011, Mockingjay had been out for a couple months, and things were revving up for the first movie. Friends were recommending it to me, but the idea of a book/movie about a bunch of kids trying to kill each other turned my stomach.

Then I thought to myself, "I could just not."

It's a thought that probably shouldn't have felt like a revelation, but it did. I could just sit it out, let things pass me by, trade missing out on things I might enjoy for not having panic attacks.

Eventually, things changed in my life, and the panic attacks tapered off. I never went back to violence, though; my life was better without it, so I just decided to keep going. Read more... )
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2015-11-17 10:17 pm
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Popping by to drop off a link: I wrote a new SGA story! Well, it's kind of new, but the point is that it's never been posted. It's also gen and G rated, which is not usually my style, but here we are. I reproduce what I said about it on tumblr under the cut: Read more... )
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2014-10-11 07:06 pm

The WIP Project, 10

Okay, so somebody brought this up, and so now I'm posting it.

This is- bear with me- a Firefly/Cowboy Bebop crossover that I wrote in 2006. I thought that I had only written one scene of it, but turns out I wrote chunks of several, to the tune of 1500 words. Pretty much all the story is here, so please enjoy. I'm pretty sure I ripped off part of it from the Cowboy Bebop manga (Ed becoming a computer program), but I still think it's a cool idea.

Gorramit.odt )
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2014-07-14 12:29 am

::taps microphone::

Sorry I haven't been around, guys; I've been hanging out almost exclusively at twitter, with some tumblr thrown in.

I stop by now to pose a question: I'm writing a BDSM for fic primer. Any questions/issues anybody would like to see addressed? You won't be named in the post.
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2014-06-13 08:41 pm
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It's that time again!

Time to sell off BPAL! You should buy some. It's for a great cause. Granted, that cause is helping me add to one of my tattoos, but it's a great tattoo.

List and details under here )
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2014-03-22 07:18 pm
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For your conveniences and archival purposes, I have compiled a zip file with the entirety of my stories on the AO3 to this point (from 2003 up to March 14, 2014). For reasons, the files are PDFs (though please remember, as always, you can download them in several formats from the AO3), sorted by fandom and series.

The file is available right over here, and feel free to distribute it near and far.

That is all.
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2014-02-04 06:22 pm

Invisible Ficathon!

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2014-02-03 10:12 pm
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In the interest of greater access/not losing fic to the ravages of time/fallible archives, have this poll:

Poll #14916 ANGRY BIRDS
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 20

How you been, DW?

I subscribe to your fic on the AO3.

View Answers

Yes! \o/
13 (68.4%)

No. :[
3 (15.8%)

...I can do that?
3 (15.8%)

I would prefer to read your fic somewhere other than the AO3.

View Answers

0 (0.0%)

15 (75.0%)

Doesn't matter much
5 (25.0%)

I would prefer:

View Answers

A monthly link roundup of AO3 fics on LJ/DW
8 (40.0%)

Downloads by month/by fandom of stories
0 (0.0%)

Nah, I'm good with the status quo
12 (60.0%)

Something else (with the understanding that individual crossposts are not coming back)
0 (0.0%)

For downloads, I would prefer

View Answers

2 (20.0%)

7 (70.0%)

2 (20.0%)

1 (10.0%)

Today you are rocking

You would rather be rocking

You would like to be rocked by

Ticky box?

View Answers

9 (50.0%)

9 (50.0%)

9 (50.0%)

Mitch Pileggi
9 (50.0%)

8 (44.4%)

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2014-01-11 08:58 pm
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Vid: Banging Them Together

Title: Banging Them Together
Fandom: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Summary: You've got two empty halves of coconuts and a thirst for glory.
Song: The Beatles - Drive My Car
Length: 2:41
Download: on sendspace (avi, 32mb)
Contents: Ensemble, silliness, but really could there be anything but silliness?
Notes: My first Festivid! Many thanks to [personal profile] thingswithwings and [ profile] sonatine for betaing, as well as everyone else I tortured with this. <3
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2014-01-11 12:57 am
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Here is a thing that is a thing

So here's this meme what I stole from [personal profile] mific, because it looks hella fun:

[personal profile] resonant said: I went to a conference this fall where instead of saying, "Hello, my name is ..." the name tags said, "Ask me about ..."

I loved that. It was a sustainability conference and that narrowed the options a bit, but there was still a surprising variety. "Ask me about organic eggs." "Ask me about green alleys." "Ask me about saving electricity."

We have a huge range of knowledge and talent here. We pretty much know who can draw and write and pod and vid, but if some of you are experts on octopus intelligence or making eclairs or the works of Jane Austen, I would never know it. I wish we had those name tags here.

So here are my ask me about nametags, and you should proceed to make your own, and we will all know so many things we did not know by the end.

Ask me about...

Making charts for counted cross-stitch

Writing dialogue without making it sound like it came from pod people

Pre-Columbian sacrifice in the Maya area (spoiler alert: it's bullshit)

Tips for attending a (large) con, including costuming, spending, and drinking

Death Valley National Park or Lava Beds National Monument

Richard III (the play and/or the 1995 movie)

Public dungeons and the activities taking place therein

The commodification and reclamation of Southern (US) culture

The concept of language, including uses of the word dialect, why you should never ask a linguist how many languages they speak, and why language and Language are different things

Dedication, or why Sabine quit music and grad school

Your turn! Ask me about these many things, or make your own lists of many things.
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2014-01-01 04:40 pm
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2013-12-30 03:15 pm
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This will only end in tears.

Put my name in for the End of Year Feedback Meme. Thread is here, if you're interested.
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2013-12-03 09:06 pm
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December thing idk

Hello DW/LJ, I am going to do the December posting thing! LBR, there's no chance I can do it on a regular schedule, so just throw prompts at me! Things I post about, things I don't post about, w/e. I will try to do them at some point in the month of December, in no particular order.
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2013-10-11 08:24 pm
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2013-09-21 05:18 pm
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Another KB card for me!

Card! )

No ideas thus far, though I might do another speed run. Story thoughts?
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2013-09-04 07:09 pm

Kink Bingo blackout!

Good news, everyone! I have blacked out! I'm just gonna drop the whole roundup here for I am lazy:

Read more... )
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2013-08-25 11:14 pm

This Is Either a Craft Or Porno: Hand Bondage With Leather

So. I wracked my brain trying to find something to do with leather, and came up with little. Then I desperately mined the Joann's, and came up empty handed. But then an epiphany! Leather cord! But what can I do with it?

Bondage! You knew it was coming. )