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I have called blackout (in one fandom, no less!) at [community profile] kink_bingo! Allow me to just cut and paste the roundup for your pleasure, because it is very long and I do not want to do it again:

fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe
kinks: enemas, possession / marking, leather latex rubber, tickling, spanking / paddling, consent play, ageplay, hypnosis / mind control, shaving / depilation, spaces scenes and settings, worship, gags / silence, wildcard (rough body play), danger, sensory deprivation, suspension, pictures, penance / punishment, bodies and body parts, food, orgies / decadence, temperature play, whipping / flogging, subspace / headspace, prostitution / sex work

Fanfic: Gleam (Avengers, Maria Hill/Natasha Romanov, Maria Hill/Nick Fury, leather latex rubber)
summary/preview: Natasha figures out Maria's secret. Natasha wants in.
content notes: none

Fanfic: The Greatest of Ease (Avengers, Clint Barton, suspension)
summary/preview: Clint discovers a new point of view.
content notes: none

Fanfic: return to the temple (Avengers, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, whipping/flogging)
summary/preview: Phil and Clint have a little scene.
content notes: none

Fanfic: cut me my share (Avengers, Natasha Romanov/Loki, penance/punishment)
summary/preview: Natasha pays Loki a visit.
content notes: non-con, no other notes apply

Fanfic: Mmph (Avengers, Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers, gags/silence)
summary/preview: Talking is overrated.
content notes: none

Fanfic: All In (Avengers, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts/Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers/Clint Barton, sensory deprivation)
summary/preview: Winner takes all. Clint wins.
content notes: none

Fanfic: The Great Avengers Challenge (Avengers, Tony Stark/Hulk, enemas)
summary/preview: Jump on and tame the monster.
content notes: none

Fanfic: any way you look at it, you lose (Avengers, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, danger)
summary/preview: Phil's getting better. Clint's getting worse.
content notes: none

Fanfic: Uncle (Avengers, Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers, tickling)
summary/preview: It starts with bad TV and ends with something great.
content notes: none

Fanfic: Far More (Avengers/Thor, Everyone/Everyone, orgies/decadence)
summary/preview: Enjoying some old-fashioned Asgardian hospitality.
content notes: none

Fanfic: near to love (as love will ever be (Avengers, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, bodies)
summary/preview: Proof that Tony Stark has a heart.
content notes: none

Fanfic: The Bare Necessities (Avengers, Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers, shaving/depilation)
summary/preview: Shaving has always been a necessary evil. Until now.
content notes: none

Fanfic: money on my mind (Avengers, Natasha Romanov/Phil Coulson, prostitution/sex work)
summary/preview: This week she's Coulson's- sorry, Richardson's- high-priced companion.
content notes: none

Podfic: Tape One, Take One (Avengers, Tony Stark/Bruce Banner, subspace/headspace)
summary/preview: Stark Method Meditation: Tony Stark's newest experiment.
content notes: none

Fanfic: most motherfuckers have a cold-ass stare (Avengers, Clint Barton/Loki, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, hypnosis/mind control)
summary/preview: Barton's so very useful, especially since he's already been used.
content notes: non-con, no other notes apply

Fanfic: you're so damn hot (Iron Man, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, food)
summary/preview: Pepper has an idea, and Tony is intrigued. Okay, maybe a little more than intrigued.
content notes: none

Fanfic: Prescribed Dose (Avengers, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, consent play)
summary/preview: Clint's fantasy suddenly becomes very real.
content notes: consensual nonconsent, no other notes apply

Fanfic: if you clock me, you got me (Avengers, Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark, spaces scenes and settings)
summary/preview: The library is always open, and so is Tony.
content notes: none

Fanfic: Have a Good Time (Avengers, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, ageplay)
summary/preview: Phil Coulson, dirty old man.
content notes: none

Fanfic: Sync (Iron Man, Tony Stark, pictures)
summary/preview: Tony's only admitting what he's known for a long time.
content notes: none

Fanfic: seal upon your arm (Avengers, Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers, possession/marking)
summary/preview: Some things change, and some things never will.
content notes: none

Fanfic: Make It Hurt (Thor, Loki/Sif, spanking/paddling)
summary/preview: Loki needs to be taught a lesson, and Sif is more than ready for the challenge.
content notes: none

Fanfic: you're the head on the spear (Thor, Loki/Sif, worship)
summary/preview: Loki doesn't like surprises, but when they're surprises like Sif, he can thoroughly enjoy them.
content notes: none

Fanfic: Frostbite and Sunstroke (Thor, Loki/Sif, temperature play)
summary/preview: Loki has always been cold.
content notes: none

Fanfic: Foxy Boxing (Avengers, Tony Stark/OC, wildcard (rough body play))
summary/preview: Tony needs a little more than a punching bag.
content notes: none
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