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Title: Blow Up Your TV
Summary: John was left to die in the desert, but not by everyone.
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Word Count: 1671
Rating/Contents: PG, alternate ending, episode tag (5x19: Vegas)
Pairing: John/Ronon/Teyla
Policies: Read my archiving, feedback, and warnings policies here.
A/N: This may have been inspired by "Spanish Pipedream" by John Prine. Who can say? Also, with this story, I pass 900000 words at the Archive of Our Own! \o\\o//o/

Blow Up Your TV )


Sep. 7th, 2012 10:18 pm
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If you or someone you know might speak Russian and be an SGA fan, then you should check out Четыре откровенные лжи об Атлантиде и одна чистая правда, [ profile] Bathilda's translation of Four Blatant Lies About Atlantis (And One Thing That's Totally True). This I decree, because I do not speak Russian but know it will be excellent (it even has translator's notes! How can you go wrong with that?).

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My most recent (okay, my second), Instructable, a set of Adjustment Bureau plan books, got featured! I am excite.

As such, I have a coupon for a three-month Pro membership. Now, I still have, like, thirteen months of my Pro membership, on account of my Mjolnir prop was on the front page. Does anybody want to try out a Pro membership? It's kinda neat- you get a little thing next to your name, and you can make private projects and share them with people, but the best part is that you get the Allsteps option, which shows you all the steps for a project on one page (you can set this as a default or do it when you like).

If you're interested, leave a comment, first come, first served. You can use it on a new account or an existing one, though I'd like to give it to somebody who doesn't have a Pro account already.

Hurrah for props!


Jul. 4th, 2012 11:59 pm
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I has been podficed!

[personal profile] kalakirya has recorded The Nesting Habits of the Wild North American Barton, and it is a very lovely recording indeed. It is available over here, so run, don't walk, etc.

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Dear livejournal/dreamwidth:

I have been hard at work these last days, preparing the mighty hammer Mjolnir for Comic-Con (god ALMIGHTY I am not ready), and at last it is complete!

Not only that, I have been making an Instructable so that you or someone you love may make their own Mjolnir. Not only that, I got featured!

I am well pleased, lj/dw, well pleased indeed.
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You guys! I have been translated!

[ profile] melnakuru has translated see my light come shining into Chinese! If you happen to know Chinese, go and have a read, won't you?



Apr. 23rd, 2012 01:11 am
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Hello! Your friendly neighborhood Sabine here, dropping off some recs for stories- what have been wrote for me! \o\ \o/ /o/

Firstly, we have toys you were fond of., which was written for me by some kind soul for Remix. It's a remix of another man's vine, the first part of Blood Money. Instead of excited and blissfully evil Erik buying innocent, slightly doe-eyed Charles, we have apathetic and mean Charles buying frustrated, slightly repulsed Erik. It's a complete inversion of the original, creepy and crawly where the Blood Money version is about how fun it is to do Very Bad Things. I highly approve.

Now let us take a sharp left: [personal profile] theleaveswant wrote me Everything Nice, a lovely Ariadne/Raven story for [community profile] machosluts. Sweet, sexy, dreamy underage roleplay- what could be finer? Also, any mention of Eames and Raven getting together (in a scheming sense, not a sexy one, though we would take that gladly as well) is A+++ in my book.

Finally, have I talked about Hour Eighteen yet? Because I don't think I have. You see, [personal profile] telesilla wrote My Dignity's Come Undone, a Rodney/deaged!John story which is simply delicious. So I bothered her on some timestamp meme to WRITE MOAR, and she obliged, producing this tastiness. I approve in all ways.

(Oddly enough these last two stories have the same word count. These are things I notice.)

So go and have a read, won't you? And I don't feel like I need to tell you to LEAVE ALL THE COMMENTS, but I will anyway.


Apr. 17th, 2012 05:27 pm
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You guys! I have been podficced!

[ profile] tinypinkmouse_podfic has recorded my Dresden Files story The Want of a Nail, and it is excellent. Go and have a listen and tell hir how awesome it is.

Many :D faces!

Ice cream!

Apr. 8th, 2012 06:03 pm
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You see, what happened was that I wrote this fluffy Clint/Coulson story about ice cream. And apparently, dear readers, people seemed to like it. And then this happened:
(11:52:44 PM) sabinelagrande: just went to the store because I REALLY NEEDED a coke float. one away from 100 kudos on the ice cream story. if I hit it, should I drink two ice cream sodas in celebration?:
(11:55:32 PM) dizmo: Yes you should.

I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast, but then, thanks to some people it did. And I told tumblr about it, so then I had to do it. One does not break a promise to tumblr (more than two or three times a day).

But then it occurred to me that 1) I hadn't had an ice cream soda in, like, ten years 2) I'd never actually made one for myself. So it became, like, an actual challenge. So I have documented my challenge/reward for your pleasure/benefit.

So if you ever wanted to know how to make an ice cream soda, here is an image-heavy post about it )
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Today, we celebrate [personal profile] coffeesuperhero. Of course, we do it with GIF PARTY )
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So, thanks to tumblr, I'm sitting here writing this sad Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch + Charles/Raven story, w/e, sad, contemplative story is sad and contemplative. Headed back over to the dashboard for, idk, more pictures of James McAvoy's eyes or gifs of Michael Fassbender's wang or videos of red pandas playing or what have you. Scrolling, scrolling-


I feel like I can't even squee at this point, because there are no words. I squeed so hard watching it that my throat literally hurt afterwards.

Holy mother of god.
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So I won the beautiful, generally badass [personal profile] chagrined in the [community profile] aau auction, and what did I get from hir? Gifs, glorious gifs!

Gif the first: No reason. )

I have wanted this gif for quite some time, because it is the ultimate non sequitur/fuck you. I can anticipate many internet arguments where the solution is to just post it and leave.

God, you have no idea how much I love Rubber. It is creeping up onto the top ten list of favorite movies. Why? No reason. It's just so fucking fabulous. HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE IT, IT'S ABOUT AN EVIL TIRE. It's not a movie for everyone: audiences are divided rather sharply into "what the fuck just happened, I will never get that time back" and "WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED LET'S WATCH IT AGAIN RIGHT NOW." The way you can tell whether you'll like it or not is to watch the opening monologue (which ends at this gif); if you do not think it is the best fucking thing you've ever heard, stop the tape and walk away.

It is streaming on the Netflix and there's no reason you shouldn't watch it.

Moving on:

Gif the second: Charles Fucking Ofdensen, that's who )

If you have never watched Metalocalypse, allow me to explain that this is not- on paper- an assassin, or a weapons expert, or any other kind of combatant. This is their business manager. Even the dude who signs the checks is badass enough to get thrown out a window and take it in stride.

Also this is the point where he went from being amusing and kinda hot to irretrievably sexy. (What, you don't agree? Don't make me pull out the Rubber gif again.)

It is the happiest of days.

While we're like, IDK, posting and shit, after your eyes get done hurting from watching these gifs over and over, here are some memes what I found on my flist.

1. What sort of character would you like to see me play? It can be a general description, OR you can choose a specific name (I'd like to see you play _____). Then, tell me why!

2. I was thinking you should tell me about stories you think I should write. I mean, if you could sit me down for a day or whatever and say, "Sabine, I want you to write this story for me," what would that story be?

I'm not actually promising to *write* any of these, mind you, but it's fun anyway. And who knows if I'll be inspired!
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Because I am incredibly lazy and I crack myself the fuck up, allow me to just repeat what I said to tumblr:

Roses are red
Holidays are nice
Didn't get you anything
So here is Vincent Price.

Also for you here a meme what I stole:

Comment with a pairing (or friendship!) and I will write you a little snippet about their Valentine's Day. Or something. Ish. Like that.

Now I am off to TA. In the most lazy way ever.
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Okay, okay, I have other things to post about, but it's late, they're long, and they have to go under flock. So instead here are two short, amusing notes:

1. I want to write the story of Magento, the fabulous alternate universe Magneto, so very hard, you guys. You have NO idea. Unfortunately, nobody thinks it's hilarious but me. You just don't know, y'all.

2. OMG I have a glorious [ profile] gyakusai_swap present! Go very quickly here and see the absolutely glorious Pearl and Maya art that [ profile] cannedebonbon made for me. It is completely lovely and must be appreciated forthwith.

OKAY I AM SLEEPING NOW. Because tomorrow is for writing for exchanges and poss. making the house not look like a bomb went off in it (unlikely). <3 <3 <3
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I am probably drunker than I should be (though I have a commitment to appearing as sober as possible in drunk posts, because I am no longer 19) and [personal profile] arymabeth's boyfriend is extremely embarrassed of me right now, due to an incident where both of us ([personal profile] arymabeth and I) fell and ended up on top of each other on my floor.

But at the moment, that is all immaterial. Because what I came here to say, the deepest desire of my heart, is that I hope that you are all happy in the new year. For some of us, 2011 was a year of heartbreak. For some of you, 2011 was an amazing year of growth and love. But no matter what happened in 2011, I hope 2012 is better, because you always deserve better, no matter how good your life is.

I genuinely love all of you, and I hope you believe it, because it is the absolute truth.

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It's that time again.

Christmasing is more or less done over here; the gifts have been opened, the Christmas spaghetti has been eaten, and the most sacred and traditional part of our festivities- the viewing of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, because, seriously, fuck all them other Christmas movies- has already been completed.

It has been a bit of a trying one, but we're making it; I have to wonder, however, how much better we could be making it if my parents drank (my father offered me a glass of wine at dinner the other night, and you could knocked me over with a feather). But, watching a bunch of Archer and getting a stand mixer has eased things considerably.

So, if you celebrate Christmas- whether as a secular or religious holiday- may Santa make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. If you celebrate Hanukkah, I hope you get an eighth of all the things you wanted today (that's how it works, right?). If you don't celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, enjoy your day off. If you don't have the day off, I hope your Yuletide story is everything you hoped for.

If you don't celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, don't have the day off, and aren't participating in Yuletide... well. I've done all I can for you, really. Have a good day anyway.

Hallelujah, holy shit.
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I have Things to Say about Things and Stuff; but here is something happy first:

I have a lovely, lovely [ profile] sga_santa story! You should go and read Toy Drums and Soldiers, for all the team lurve and presents and Christmas and happy D/s times anybody could possibly want.

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+ OMG Happy Samhain/Halloween/early Dia de los Muertos, everyone! This are my favorite holiday, natch.

-/+ I accidentally made enough soul cakes to feed the Kiss Army. Delicious, but unwieldy. /o\ Maybe they will freeze properly?

+ MC Frontalot tonight! I have not yet gotten in costume yet (the two Halloween things I was going to do this weekend I called off because of exhaustion), nor do I have one lined up, so I am going as whatever I can find in my closet, that being a Dracula and/or a goth. I thought about wearing the full out Orpheus costume, because where else would people recognize it but a Frontalot show, but then I thought floor-length cape + standing room only venue = bad times.

- Okay, I know it's hard to digitize a cross stitch pattern, esp. a big one, and while it's not ideal to send me a .jpg instead of a .pdf, I can work with that. However. Kinda gonna need you to 1) mark the center 2) tell me the dimensions. All I know is that it is A Lot x A Lot (OH GOD I NEED AN ALOT OF STITCHES), and I do not care to count them all, esp. when you didn't mark the tens (or the twelves, or the fourteens, w/e) either.

I just want to make this Dalek, ffs, so I don't have to grade. PROCRASTINATE

- I really... don't give a damn about NaNo. I mean, I am pleased that people are participating, and I hope they have fun, but I've never even gotten anywhere near finishing. I think I got up close to 10000 words one time, but all I turn out is crap writing original stuff that fast (and obvs I can't write fic anywhere near that fast).

+ This post should end with something happy. Idk, idk, I have the most beautiful flowers and a needle organizer that seems already to be the best thing ever. Hurrah!


Jun. 8th, 2011 01:27 pm
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[personal profile] anatsuno has recorded a lovely podfic of The Whole Chicken for [community profile] kink_bingo! Go and give it a listen, then tell her how great it was.


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