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This is something I wrote when I was working in the Park Service for the first time, and may be amusing to- okay I'm posting it because I thought it might amuse [personal profile] eruthros because we were talking about the 30's on twitter. I wrote this a quatrillion years ago, and it is a description of how exactly to don women's daily- not formal, as this does not include a proper foundation garment- attire from the late 1930's.

No part of this is an exaggeration.

How to Dress )
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1. I don't understand the Sims. [personal profile] arymabeth made fun of me because I don't like to let them nap. I want them to have a good night's sleep! They shouldn't sleep until they're tired!

IDK. My Sims also never leave the house. I always get annoyed when they have to go places and talk to people. This is... probably why I hardly play the Sims anymore.

2. I regret to inform you that I dropped out of Remix. :/ I just had nothing. The author hadn't written much in the fandom we matched on; there was this one thing that I thought I might could work with, but then I was just like, I'm retracing my steps, I've written this story before, I can't write it any better.

So. I feel bad, because I've dropped out of several challenges lately, but there's nothing to be done, except to stop entering challenges, which is my present plan of action.

3. I have discussed this a little on tumblr, but: I may be very close to fulfilling a great desire, flist. I may be buying a theremin. I don't want to jinx it, but there's a Moog going for a really good price right now- I could get a B3 or a Zep for cheaper, but if I'm going to do this, I'm not going to screw around about it. Zep is pretty much for flailing around pretending to be Jimmy Page, and B3 just... isn't as good. So I'd rather just shell out the extra money for the Moog and be srsface about it- that is, of course, provided I can buy this Moog, because I fucking CANNOT afford a new Moog theremin.

If I'm going to buy this and learn to play it, I'm going to learn it properly and seriously; I'm not buying it to make spooky noises with when you can do something like this or this- no wait, sorry, this with it.

But I will be trying this just as soon as I can.

I mean, seriously, how could you look at a theremin and NOT want to play it? Truly, it is the instrument of wizards. Bonus: you can always let your dumb friends screw around with it with no fear- you don't actually touch it to play it, so they can't break anything.

And oh, I am finally going to get back at that neighbor kid who plays the recorder badly all afternoon.

4. I reaaaaally gotta get my shit together. The "semester" is almost over, but I've just realized that it's pretty much gonna be seven more weeks before I'm actually done. Ugh. The amount of hurry-up-and-wait is what I really can't stand. I should be in my second week of comps now, but... I'm not. Good and bad.

I would like it to be Comic-Con right now, plznthnx.

5. Right right right, that's the other thing I was going to post: timestamp meme time again!

Give me one of my stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future (after the end of the story), or sometime in the past (before the story started), and I'll write you at least a hundred words some words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.
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Poll #9980 I has a curiosity
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 33

Hello! :D

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Hello, Sabine! :D
30 (93.8%)

2 (6.2%)

Help settle an argument: How tall are you? Like, for serious, with actual units of measurement, not like "Three apples high" or ".97 McAvoys" (...actually that's fine, we will take measurements in actors).

If you say it out loud, how do you say Ronon/Raven?

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Ronon slash Raven
6 (19.4%)

Ronon Raven
26 (83.9%)

Ronon ecks Raven, because I roll anime style
1 (3.2%)

Sabine why have you not written this pairing yet
6 (19.4%)

Something else I will expound upon in comments
3 (9.7%)

And flist and flock?

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16 (48.5%)

16 (48.5%)

17 (51.5%)

14 (42.4%)

Something else
4 (12.1%)

And WIP?

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dubya aye pee
11 (33.3%)

16 (48.5%)

Something else!
8 (24.2%)

Bonus round: WsIP or WIPs?

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WsIP, because it's not "work in progresses"
4 (13.3%)

WIP, because come off it
26 (86.7%)

Drop-down box?

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Drop-down box would like to point out this is almost all tickys
3 (9.7%)

Drop-down box is calculating its height in McAvoys and its sexiness in Lawrences
3 (9.7%)

Drop-down box is aware that there is a proper pronunciation of :D
4 (12.9%)

Mitch Pileggi
10 (32.3%)

11 (35.5%)

(I can't type: That second option on the next to last question should read "WIPs")
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There are perks to being an academic, as I have learned. This should probably be a Grad Student Gorilla, which I should probably restart, but everybody needs a little more Success McAvoy in their lives.

2. Uh, if you like things that rock and are awesome, you should read A Decent Boldness by [personal profile] schmerica. Because it has slutty Charles and Raven, which, as you know, are the best Charleses and Ravens. And I believe it will be very clear what, to my mind, the logical extension of this story is, because I am, if you had not noticed, shameless.

3. I'm stuck on another dirtybadwrong story, flist.

And then, like, this big rant about desire and author intent and gender politics came out of nowhere ) I should probably lock this, but... I'm not. Whoops.

IDK. I'm going to bed. I have had another lecture sprung on me (great ironies: my advisor has to translate in a trial for indigenous workers, which means I have to cover a session called Language and Ethnicity), and I am behind on ALL THE THINGS.

So. Have a good night, flist.
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Dear native German speakers of the flist,

This came up writing a story, and I don't even know if I'm going to use it, but now I'm super curious:

If someone were to wake you up in the middle of the night, and you were to blearily stammer something at them (don't be cute; assume you're going to answer them in German), what would you say? I mean, in English, it would be something like, "Wuzzit, go away, what, what do you want, who is it?" or the ever-classy "Fuck off."

But, like, I have no idea if that's just the universal way that cranky people respond to getting woken up at 3AM (or 8AM, if you're like me and go to sleep at 3AM), or if there's something language/culture specific that someone would say.

I am very curious about this now. Other ESL/bilingual speakers are also welcome to chime in.

Linguistically yours,
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Hello, livejournal/dreamwidth. I am coming to you live from the Memphis International Airport, where I have been for quite some time and will be for quite some time more.

It has been quite the ordeal over the past two days. I had a late flight out of Pittsburgh yesterday to Atlanta, then on to Nashville... and then the Atlanta airport all but shut down, and my flight was canceled.

So I went to the airport early to get my shit together, and the lady at the ticket desk said, "Okay, you're scheduled to fly out at eleven."

"Is that eleven tomorrow?" I asked.

"No, on the eleventh," she replied.

"Good lord," I replied. "If I have to overnight, let me overnight in Memphis."

And lo, I got to Memphis, and [personal profile] shadowen came and picked me up... in the driving snow. And the roads were so bad that my mother said, "GOOD GOD GET A HOTEL ROOM."

And yea, verily, we got a hotel room, where we ate foods and stared at each other for a while and went to bed early. We woke up late-ish this morning and had brunch, then she brought me here, to the Memphis Airport, where I am flying standby for the 7:20 flight to Nashville and, of course, talking to you on the expensive wireless internets.

But, the conference was really hella fun, and while there was drama, it was drama at a completely different school that I have NOTHING to do with. And I hung out with all the twitter linguists (there are a lot of us), and it was good times, including when I stood up during the American Dialect Society Word of the Year vote and exhorted the crowd to "hide yo syntacticians, hide yo sociolinguists."

It may be on youtube.

And now I am killing time until it is appropriate to go to the airport bar. I think it's totally legit.
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1. SGU is canceled, and I may or may not have sung a few bars of Schadenfreude aloud in my desk chair.

1a. Opera wants to correct "schadenfreude" to "Scheherezade". Oh, Opera.

2. Delicious is canceled, and I may or may not have had a capslocked freak out. I am moving to Diigo; you can find me here (nothing is over there yet, I am presently importing). I highly recommend it at least as a stopgap- you can export your delicious directly into your Diigo.

There is talk of a new fannish delicious but... honestly I'll believe it when I see it.

3. Today is canceled. I got up at eight to work and haven't written a word. Ugh.
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AHAHAHA no more classes.

Granted, I have 25 more pages, an essay, and a take-home to write, BUT THAT IS NEITHER HERE NOR THERE.

So instead, I bring you this meme:

If you were asked to pick one scene, one shot, one detail, one moment of some kind out of all the things I've made and say "This, this, for whatever reason, I remember, this is something that struck home with me, that I wanted to keep," what would it be?
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So, the kinky paper:

Her argument was based on Victor Turner's idea of liminal spaces and the dichotomy of structure and communitas. Basically, hierarchical, or at least dichotomous, power relations form the structure for the community, and the communitas arises in the space opened by that framework. She talked about a scene as a liminal space; the top is the facilitator and the bottom is a liminal entity. Her argument for the scene as a ritual activity followed from there; toys are like magical objects which can become contaminated (both in a purportedly biomedical sense and through things as simple as being touched by another person). Subspace (and to a lesser extent topspace, and why is subspace accepted by firefox's dictionary?) is a trance state, which she related to Turner's "powers of the weak." She also discussed neophytes, switches, and queers as liminal figures within a liminal society. Their status is in question; while their status may become crystallized, as with neophytes and people recognized as "true switches", it may remain liminal indefinitely.

There were a couple issues with it. I thought her description of queers in the community was a little... confusing, and it didn't really jive with what I've experienced. She referred to it as "an intense form of switching", and I can see what she was going for and am sure the term is used that way in the community she studied; it just isn't my experience of that term. On the whole, also, I felt she could have gone deeper. Liminality is a great framework for describing scenes, but it's also kind of obvious. But, that's a function of giving a fifteen minute talk at eight in the morning for a bunch of people who are not walking around holding leashes.

But, overall, it was a good talk. She was very sensitive to community issues and avoided essentializing language (except, of course, the essentalizing language used by the community itself). If anybody's interested, I'm happy to email the author and ask her if she wouldn't mind sending me a copy of her paper.

(And I'm afraid to ask this, but... what do you use a blood pressure cuff for in the context of a scene? Is it for what I think it's for. Because, damn.

It does not help that I am really scared of them.)

Three notes

Sep. 8th, 2010 12:06 am
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1. So I had to watch this really very poorly made documentary for class. And then this happened.

2. [ profile] mcshep_match reveal is up! I wrote One Step Back, which really has nothing to do with anything and is not really my style at all. And, once again, nobody guessed me.

3. Pretty sure I have the con crud. It is relatively mild, but I definitely woke myself up coughing last night and have been dragging ass ever since we got back. Bleh.


Jun. 18th, 2010 05:19 am
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I am preparing to go to the airport to get on a plane to take me to Central America. Woe! I will be gone until August. I'll have a little internet access, but I don't expect to be posting fic or updating with any kind of regularity. Best of luck, try not to muck up the place too much while I'm gone, etc.

And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.


May. 10th, 2010 09:17 am
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I am with my darling [ profile] leiascully and [ profile] coffeesuperhero! It is glorious. We will have many glorious times. Possibly we will cavort like the Greeks of old (you know the ones I mean).

More questions, from coffeesuperhero! )
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[DW only]

So, [personal profile] anatsuno asked me what made me want to be a linguist. You can ask a thing! I will answer it!

The simple truth is, everybody wants to be an Egyptologist. This got long, natch )
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So, the convention in the United States, or at least every school I'm familiar with, is to refer to your foreign language teachers/professors using the appropriate foreign language term of address. Right? Right.

So who around here took Russian? How did/do you refer to your instructors? Do you differentiate between Doctor [stereotypical Russian name] and Mister [stereotypical Russian name]?

(This has nothing to do with any Mythbusters AU that I may or may not be writing; and if it did, it would have nothing to do with the fact that Jamie is an escaped linguist. What would ever give you that idea. That's ridiculous. But since you thought of it, we'll do it.)


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