Aug. 7th, 2013 06:56 pm
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Am selling BPAL again For Reasons (that is, to get it out of my house and buy nefarious things)! Behind the cut is the full list; if you want to buy anything, let me know.

Wouldn't you love to smell lovely? )
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A photoessay for [community profile] kink_bingo ramp-up! So if you ever wanted to see the inside of my toybag, proceed directly to here!


May. 2nd, 2013 07:44 pm
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1. I have been remiss in not reccing the lovely [personal profile] mific's podfic of my SGA story here is the secret that everyone knows. Go and listen! Leave comments!


We are running [community profile] intoabar/[ profile] intoabar again!

If you are unfamiliar with this challenge, you offer to write a specific character, plus up to four other fandoms that you are comfortable with. Then with ~magic~ we will determine a crossover for you to write/art/vid/podfic about! It is that simple.

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I have new things on my etsy store! I finally figure out how to digitize my cross stitch patterns (KG-Chart came into my life, and nothing will ever be the same), so I've put a couple up for sale:

-A lovely rendition of the Deadpool insignia, complete with inspirational quote

-A Bender sampler, with blackjack, and hookers

Please enjoy, won't you?
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Oh god, like, everything, and I think I'm on my way to see Avengers again (saw it in 3D once and 2D once, STRONGLY recommend 2D version), but let me drop off two Avengers things:

- Past Your Bedtime (Fury/Tony, 2483 words, Explicit) by [personal profile] theleaveswant, which I have been extremely remiss in not recommending, seeing as it was written for me. Oh, delicious delicious daddy kink, you are perfect for this pairing.

- Whatever the hell this is: The Stark Guideā„¢ to Mission Reports (Clint/Coulson, Steve/Tony, Steve/Bucky, 3 8.5x11 pages in 6 images, with transcript, General Audiences), with annotations by Clint Barton, and further annotations by Phil Coulson, and questions from Thor Odinson, for whom this was all written in the first place.

I don't know what it is, I just know that [personal profile] coffeesuperhero and I must be stopped, my copy of Photoshop should be taken away, and we should be banned from bad poetry (limericks and haiku particularly). God almighty.
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You guys I forgot to say!

I have had a brief ("brief", it took a month) phone saga; Franziska, my beloved and much-maligned Palm Pre, just up and stopped working. I had to get a go phone for a while, and oh my god, I wanted to bash it against the wall. It didn't even have predictive texting, and it defaulted to speakerphone every time I got a call- and before you call first world problems on me, let me point out that my eight dollar Guatemalan cell phone was VASTLY preferable.

But now I have Eames! He is a gorgeous Samsung Captivate Glide, because if you one day see me standing on a street corner and preaching, twigs in my hair, wearing sackcloth, it will be because I have been forced to use a touchscreen keyboard. But he is sexy, particularly because of the feedback vibration (heh)- like, buttons on the screen feel like keys, because you get feedback off them. Like I said. Sexy. Also he is an Android, so there are more than five apps. I am not an apps person, but, y'know. Being able to edit my gdocs is great, and Evernote is pretty epic.

The only problem is that I feel like a jackass holding him up to my ear, because he is ENORMOUS compared to Franziska and not, like, phone shaped. IDK. But who gets calls anymore?

I was going to take a picture of him but, uh, he's my camera right now, and I was going to get a screencap, but I read the instructions on how to take one and I was like tl;dr. So instead, here is Pakal II, my desktop, as photographed by Eames (picture is HUGENORMOUS and, uh. Maaaaay have some interesting text on it).

PS did I mention my email alert is the sound of a bottle being opened? It kind of makes me feel like a drunk, but it makes me so happy.

So now my electronic kit is Eames, Pakal II, Motoko the Zen, my externals Wintermute and Cayce, and Thomas Raith the eee. However, Thomas Raith is not long for this world. :( He's working fine, but he's almost four years old. Like, he's been a workhorse and a real trooper, but it's time to move on, esp. because the OS is no longer supported and I can't install anything new (long story). So if anyone has opinions on netbooks? He's 10 inches, and honestly I don't want anything bigger than about 12. I am poss. considering Lenovos. They look pretty sexy and are comfortably in my price range.

Hurrah! \o/


Aug. 8th, 2011 04:30 pm
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I forgot to say! For those of you who don't follow Frenemy Cosplay (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU), I have been out and about in my Dr. Orpheus costume on the internets!

Here I am peeking into a picture on io9 (I am almost literally falling into this picture- I'm holding onto a pillar). There's a better picture on LA Weekly, but the best one is from Mark of Venture Bros. Blog.

And then there's this!

So yeah, that happened.


May. 19th, 2011 04:39 pm
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Here are some things I have posted elsewhere that you may have missed:

-This essay for [community profile] kink_bingo all about dungeons and such

-This post for 3 Weeks for DW all about masochism and whatnot

-This post at Frenemy Cosplay about an entirely different kind of torture: making a steampunk costume from scratch. (Remember to follow Frenemy Cosplay at [ profile] frenemycosplay and [syndicated profile] frenemycosplay_feed!)
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I was gonna say some stuff, but instead I spent all day playing Ace Attorney games. Y'all, I'm talking like all day, from about 2 this afternoon to about an hour ago.

I started with the last case of Investigations, which, y'all, is REALLY LONG. The vaguest of vague spoilers )

From there, I played 1-2 and most of 1-3 (1-1 was yesterday). Y'all, I miss these games and this fandom so much. I love my weird little lawyers. They do my heart so much good. I love all their little faces, and their questionable grasp of made-up law, and their silly little puns, and YOU GUYS I LOVE THEM SO. It is rare for me to go back to an old fandom and still be as in love with it as when I left.

Oh, Phoenix. Oh, Edgeworth. <3

(Shameless plugging: I've been reposting some really old (like, PW Kink Meme pt. 1 old) GS stuff at the AO3, if you would like a blast from the past (and if you haven't seen it, it's new to you).

And hey, while they're still time, you can bid on me for [community profile] help_japan! I will even write you a Phoenix Wright story!)


Mar. 12th, 2011 11:54 pm
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Okay, so, I am offering one little thing at [community profile] help_japan. So if you happen to want a tarot reading, here is my offer. Bidding opens Monday at 2PM GMT and ends on March 20.

If you're on my flist, my previous offers (here on DW and here on LJ) still stand.


Mar. 8th, 2011 01:25 pm
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So I'm at [ profile] coffeesuperhero and [ profile] leiascully's, chilling and pointedly doing nothing, so here is this meme what has been reposted everywhere:

As a sort-of gift from me for you and to celebrate the International Woman's Day... let's play a game. Give me a female character from any fandom you know I know, and I'll write a drabble about her. :)

Feel free to give me some sort of prompt or song lyric or what have you as well, if you feel so led.

On a pseudo-related note: if you like nail polish, Zoya has a great promotion in honor of International Woman's Day. (I, for one, am comfortable with using this holiday as an excuse to sell nail polish. I mean, we do it with every other holiday, right?)
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1. Do you like Metalocalypse? Do you like paling around? Are you on the DW? Then get your ass to [community profile] snakesfromdildos, DW's second (second! The first is an LJ fandom newsletter crosspost and doesn't count) Metalocalypse comm.

2. I have been crafting again!

Plushies! )

Hoods! )
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IDK if you're as into nail polish/art as I am, but I've just created DW feeds for two nail blogs that I like. Follow them, won't you?

Tornado Calli at [syndicated profile] tornadocalli_feed
Digital Designs at [syndicated profile] digitaldesigns_feed
(This one is brand new, but it's run by a friend of mine from high school and she's very funny, in a cute and Southern sort of way.)


Oct. 15th, 2010 04:02 pm
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1. I woke up at 6:30 this morning, but it was WORTH IT because we have a HOTEL ROOM at the HYATT for DRAGON*CON. \o/

After the Mariott fiasco experienced by [ profile] dreadnot et al., I was expecting it to be fucking ridiculous, but it... wasn't. I got in and out in under five minutes. I didn't even have to reload or bitch anyone out or anything.

Then I went back to bed and had this long, involved dream about getting a PM from [ profile] ninamazing. I think I was running some kind of rival meme to [ profile] pocky_slash's Not My Fandom Fest (which is fucking excellent, by the way, and you should all go and check it out). And she was all, "It would be a good idea to have clearer rules," and "You can ask me for help if you need it!" It was several paragraphs long, and I remember going through all of them in the dream.

I did wear my PASIV shirt to bed, though, so it's entirely possible this was some kind of extraction attempt.

2. I am at [ profile] leiascully and [ profile] coffeesuperhero's! It is lovely to be here again. I often escape here during school breaks. It is a good place for recuperation, because we sleep a lot and drink a lot of beers and watch a lot of TV and eat a lot of good food. It is my happy place.

3. I'm sure there was more I meant to put in this post. I definitely have meant to tell you that the lovely [personal profile] mashimero made me a cover art for my John Sheppard/Tony Stark series! And also that [ profile] bironic wrote me an SGA/Inception crossover that must be read to be believed (ARIADNE/WOOLSEY, Y'ALL).

Yes. Clearly I am very far behind. But now is for sushi.
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1. I admit to skipping over a lot of Language Log's posts, but this post made me sporffle. Oh Geoffrey Pullum. Never change.

2. I am still in Fayetteville, with [ profile] leiascully and [ profile] coffeesuperhero! I ate the most glorious cupcake and petit four for breakfast. They were scrumptious. Now we are enjoying our rainy Saturday in the best way- sitting around on the intertubes and playing with the dog.

3. I have made a determination, flist. I'm totally going as Cally (the one from Blake's 7, not the one from BSG) to Dragon*Con this year. Specifically, I am going to make her bitchin green and white outfit from Horizon. It should be fairly easy, I'm thinking, except for the wings, which I think will just be a little fiddly. It's gonna be so sweet, y'all, y'all don't even know. Hopefully my hair won't be too long by then.

4. It may interest you to note that I have passed a thousand, yes, a thousand, links on my delicious account. They're all fannish, and most of them are fic recs, tagged by pairing, fandom, and plot elements. Enjoy them, won't you?


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