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A poll for you!

I have this original comic book I'm developing, right? Here's the premise, if you're just joining us:
Assassins Anonymous tells the story of a group of retired assassins, bound together by their participation in a support group designed to keep them from relapsing into their murderous lifestyles- which, of course, keep coming back to bite them. The story is primarily character-driven with an ensemble cast, made up of various kinds of killers-for-hire: poisoners, weapons experts, killing machines, and the like. Much of the focus is on their everyday lives as they try to stay clean, which is not helped by the way that certain events and people seem to be conspiring against them.

You can also find more information at the tumblr, for all your tumblr needs.

So here's the thing: I've always intended to do a kickstarter for Assassins Anonymous. Originally the idea was to do it to get the first issue printed, but the problem is that I can't find an artist, not one who will commit to working on the comic for free. The new plan is to run a kickstarter to pay an artist to get the comic made. And to that end, I ask for your input!

ETA: For reference, some of the things I'm considering for the rewards include putting backers on special pages of honor, written-to-order short stories, a special (prob digital) book with character backstories etc., just what have you.

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Is anybody interested in taking a co-creator card with me? I have a lot of ideas on ways to collaborate- illustrated words, words to be podficced, tag-team rec lists and picspams, plain old co-written words, etc etc. TBH I think you could do a whole bingo of just Click and Clack meta discussion on the kinks involved, recorded or just written out.

Fandoms I'm down for include MCU, Blake's 7, Welcome to Night Vale, Archer, Venture Bros., Ultimate Spider-Man, or SGA. Also interested in non-fandom stuff. My one request is that we opt out of guro, as it is my one squick from the list.

Takers? Since there's so long until the next round, would be happy to take more than one.
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Am I right in thinking Teyla and Ronon aren't in "Vegas"? I don't want to rewatch it because, well, quite frankly, as it happens, it is one of my least favorite episodes (sorry!). But I seem to be writing this tag/alternate ending, so.

In exciting related news! My grand push this holiday season is to reach 900k on the Archive of Our Own before the year ends! And I have but 1600 words left to go! Hurrah!
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1. What do you like for streaming other than SoundCloud? I really like SoundCloud, but I'm working on something new that's going to be an hour and a half easy, and I don't have the space for anything that long.


2. How does [community profile] amplificathon... work? I read the FAQ, about it being a fest and everything, but people seem to post there, like, all the time. I do not understand.

I feel less dumb asking y'all than PMing the mod, is why I ask.


Aug. 12th, 2012 11:00 pm
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So I'm writing an FAQ for my LJ/DW/tumblr, and I'm looking for questions that people, y'know, actually want the answers to. So lemme know if you have any burning curiosities, won't you?
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I'm looking for an episode (not a specific one) of SGA or SG-1 where some alien civilization tries to steal weapons, start a weapons program, or something like this.

Things I have already used: the Genii, the Wraith, the Ancients, the Goa'uld, and the Jaffa.

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Friends, let's talk for a moment:

If you liked to read Shaw/Charles non-con, you know you could confess that to me, right? I would listen. I would not judge you.

And if you felt that way, you know you could show me what you've been reading. That would be the best way I could help you. I want to help you. Help me help you.

I already looked at everything on the AO3. You know, so I could find more people who needed help and support.

I could support you even more if you knew of any Shaw/Raven. You have no idea how much I could support you. No takers? Didn't think so.


Jan. 30th, 2012 02:52 pm
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There's got to be an XMFC story where Erik teaches Charles Krav Maga, right? Come the fuck on, fandom. I know the timeline's not right, but that's why the good Lord made AUs. But all my searching, she has been for naught. My tiny hoplologist heart, she breaks.

I don't care how it happens. Maybe it's a modern AU, and Charles is teaching Intro to Hoplology or Israel Since Independence or something, and Erik comes to do a demonstration for his students, and Charles is all "Oh my," and starts taking his class and then they have a bunch of ~feelings~. Or maybe it's historical. Or maybe Charles just thinks it's sexy. LOOK AT ALL THE FUCKS I GIVE.

I'm not even finding any good Erik-as-Mossad stories that aren't crossovers and/or don't look like a train wreck. These things could not be more obvious, people, not even if you tried.


(You cannot imagine how much I would love to be proven wrong. So please do.)

ETA: And I can't write it myself because I only have this one line:

"Will you be needing any more room than this?" Xavier asks, and he looks nervous. "Because, really, we can arrange that, but it's critical that you tell me beforehand. Naginatajutsu didn't go well, you understand, and I've been told that I will have to pay for the next projector out of pocket, so you see why I'm concerned."
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Okay, Marvel fans of the flist (all three of you), I am having a problem. As usual, I am having a timeline problem, because it is one of those things that, as a fangirl, I am far more worried about than the people who made the movie are. I am trying to work out some kind of functional timeline of the nebulous period between Raven and Charles in the kitchen and Raven and Charles in England (which is quite a long time, actually, now that I look at it).

But this is the problem I keep running up against on the various Marvel wikis:
A natural genius, Charles completed high school at sixteen. He attended Oxford University accompanied by Raven. He earned Ph.D.s in Genetics, Biophysics, and Psychology. After completing his thesis on genetic mutation, he was approached by Agent Moira MacTaggert [etc.]

Is any of this canon? Because I don't remember it. There are several Marvel wikis, but this particular article is copied verbatim on all of them. It seems like imported canon at best and an ass-pull at the worst.

I'm not crazy, right? Like, I'm pretty sure that's something I wouldn't have missed.

(I'm not going to all this semi-frantic effort to write D/s AU, why would you even think I was?)

ETA: I should note what we've been hashing out here is XMFC canon, not comics canon. Because MOTHER OF GOD who even knows what's going on in comics canon.

Meme face

Jun. 2nd, 2011 05:14 pm
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Stolen from [personal profile] anatsuno:

Post a comment, and I will reply with one or two reasons why I think you're great. In return, you have to post this same meme on your blog and comment for other people. :))

On an unrelated note, anybody got any recs for stories to podfic for my bingo card? Any of the usual fandoms are fine. I am, fingers crossed, trying for a blackout, so I want to switch it up a bit.
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So, flist. Am watching New Who, finally (which, in the time it's taken me to get started, has turned not quite so new anymore, hasn't it?). Here's my question for you: which episodes, if any, would you recommend not watching for whatever reason? Episodes that weren't any good, episodes that pissed you off, or any other reason- I am wondering what to skip, but I am also sort of fascinated by what makes people hate an episode.

Please note that I have a place in my heart for all the Doctor's incarnations and all his friends, so "Skip all the episodes with Amy/Nine/Martha/River/Jack/etc in them" is nonresponsive. Assume I'm not spoiled for anything (though I am, for quite a bit of things- when in doubt use blackout text).
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Anybody got the line on good Star Wars: The Clone Wars fanfic? I have not haunted the hallowed halls of Star Wars fandom since that period when I was obsessed with Obi-Wan ABH (what. say somethin.), so I really don't know what's where over there anymore.

My kingdom for good Ahsoka/Anakin, you guys. My search has only led me to (which is to say, nowhere). These people are doing it. Sometimes Obi-Wan watches (when he's not off doing Padme, of course), but only in that really angsty way of his.

I have to say that Clone Wars is re-energizing my love for Star Wars in general. We had pretty much broken up, but dammit, I missed it. You never forget your first.
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Does anybody know what the fuck David Hewlett is talking about here?

It doesn't help that I've been sitting here for twenty minutes trying to remember what the fuck Brad's last name is so I can google it. I tried googling other things, but to no avail, and GateWorld's got nothing.

ETA: [personal profile] arymabeth for the assist: Brad Wright says no more Stargate movies, period. So, nothing we didn't know already.


Apr. 12th, 2011 11:14 am
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Okay, so, I'm writing this paper on global hip-hop, and I'm trying to get more international examples other than the ones used in class, and I figured if anybody could answer this question, it would def. be my flist, so:

Does anyone know of any protest-themed hip-hop songs in the following languages?

-Brazilian Portuguese
-any Latin American Spanish

I mean "protest" very, very loosely- I once successfully argued that "Single Ladies" was in fact a protest song. Anything goes- songs against the government, songs about how cultural norms can suck it, songs about being a NEET, songs about how America sucks, w/e. Out of these languages, I only understand Spanish, so something with an English translation available is vastly preferable. The only artists that are off limits are Orishas and Anderson Sá/Grupo Cultural AfroReggae (as I have already used them).

I'm not asking you to do any research at all for this- I can do that myself- but if you know one off the top of your head, it would be very, very helpful.


Mar. 28th, 2011 02:31 pm
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Dear the internet:

Does anyone have or know of a good pattern for fingerless gloves or arm warmers? I'm not looking for a knitting pattern- I intend to make them out of stretch vinyl (yes, I know it will be an uphill battle, but the vinyl is free). It are for my new (which is actually a very old concept, but is actually historically accurate, shock) steampunk costume.

Anyone who can help will receive a laurel and hearty handshake.


Feb. 24th, 2011 10:29 pm
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I have made for you a recording:

Listen to Sabine ramble about Red Dwarf USA!

It is a little clicky, because the gain was up too high, but I did not see the need to rerecord it, so... I didn't.

And a question for you, flist:

What mic do you use for your podficcery/Skype/general voice recording needs? I've been using the built-in on my eee, but this is, for obvious reasons, not a tenable solution. What do you like? Stand mics? Headsets?
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1. OMFG, I finally saw Inception. Holy shit. As I have been avoiding spoilers for this movie like the plague, I have read none of your reactions. Please to be linking me?

(If you haven't seen the movie, you can go on and assume there will be spoilers in the comments to this entry.)

2. So. I'm doing Thirty Days of Recs (plus one extra special day). Is there anything you've always wanted a rec set for? I will be doing loads of stuff, from Blue John to Fics With Awesome Titles, but if there's anything that you're just like, "OMG, I wonder how to find more stories with ____", let me know and I'll see if I can't knock something together.

(You can also PM me, if you would like to avoid the probable Inception spoilers in the comments to this entry.)


May. 28th, 2010 09:11 pm
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Okay, so I came to tell you all about [redacted] and why I love it so, but then I realized it would be a huge spoiler for the fic I'm planning for [community profile] mcshep_match. Harumph.

But, instead, I am soliciting your assistances, flist. I need drabble prompts. Again. McShep, mostly, and preferably something in the AU genre, though I will entertain other possibilities/fandoms to get the drabble juices (...that sounds disgusting) flowing.



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