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I made my first etsy listing in ten forevers! So if you ever wanted a cross stitch that says "Hallowed are the Ori" on it (and don't we all), please proceed to here. I set the price point what I feel is a little high, just to test the waters. We'll see what happens.

Didn't somebody here say that they sell cross stitch patterns on etsy? I make my own, but I don't know how to digitize them. Halp?
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With my trusty [personal profile] coffeesuperhero at my side, I present to you the


What is this, I hear you asking me (or perhaps that is just the voices)? This is our bunker, children. This is the festival for people who cannot take one minute more of US election coverage, who really need a place to put their fingers in their ears and go LA LA LA LA LA until the election is over.

Eligibility Rules: To play, one of the following needs to apply to you:

1. You are a US citizen ineligible to vote (too young, etc, we will even take convicted felons).
2. You are not a US citizen.
3. You already voted early/absentee.
4. You will vote on election day.

WE DO NOT DICK AROUND ON THE INTERNET INSTEAD OF VOTING. We vote and THEN we dick around on the internet.

Post whatever you like in the comments, prompts, art, flashfic, picspams, gifs, w/e. We're not fussed about ratings, but you must warn in your subject line for gore or noncon. It's helpful if you put whatever you're posting (e.g. "Prompt" or "Fic") in the subject line of your comment.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING POLITICAL IN NATURE, REAL WORLD OR FICTIONAL. No characters going to the polls, nobody endorsing any candidate, no political fandoms (sorry West Wing and fake news RPF fans). The most political thing we will allow is Captain America, and even then you better watch your step.

This ficathon will end whenever it ends. WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET.



The doors to the bunker are flung open, and the -thon remains open. GO FORTH MY CHILDREN
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You guys I forgot to say!

I have had a brief ("brief", it took a month) phone saga; Franziska, my beloved and much-maligned Palm Pre, just up and stopped working. I had to get a go phone for a while, and oh my god, I wanted to bash it against the wall. It didn't even have predictive texting, and it defaulted to speakerphone every time I got a call- and before you call first world problems on me, let me point out that my eight dollar Guatemalan cell phone was VASTLY preferable.

But now I have Eames! He is a gorgeous Samsung Captivate Glide, because if you one day see me standing on a street corner and preaching, twigs in my hair, wearing sackcloth, it will be because I have been forced to use a touchscreen keyboard. But he is sexy, particularly because of the feedback vibration (heh)- like, buttons on the screen feel like keys, because you get feedback off them. Like I said. Sexy. Also he is an Android, so there are more than five apps. I am not an apps person, but, y'know. Being able to edit my gdocs is great, and Evernote is pretty epic.

The only problem is that I feel like a jackass holding him up to my ear, because he is ENORMOUS compared to Franziska and not, like, phone shaped. IDK. But who gets calls anymore?

I was going to take a picture of him but, uh, he's my camera right now, and I was going to get a screencap, but I read the instructions on how to take one and I was like tl;dr. So instead, here is Pakal II, my desktop, as photographed by Eames (picture is HUGENORMOUS and, uh. Maaaaay have some interesting text on it).

PS did I mention my email alert is the sound of a bottle being opened? It kind of makes me feel like a drunk, but it makes me so happy.

So now my electronic kit is Eames, Pakal II, Motoko the Zen, my externals Wintermute and Cayce, and Thomas Raith the eee. However, Thomas Raith is not long for this world. :( He's working fine, but he's almost four years old. Like, he's been a workhorse and a real trooper, but it's time to move on, esp. because the OS is no longer supported and I can't install anything new (long story). So if anyone has opinions on netbooks? He's 10 inches, and honestly I don't want anything bigger than about 12. I am poss. considering Lenovos. They look pretty sexy and are comfortably in my price range.

Hurrah! \o/
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1. Bodily TMI )

2. One-eighty: Any suggestions about getting burned-on stuff out of a frying pan? Regular-ass frying pan, not nonstick or anything. I've soaked it, scrubbed it with a stiff brush, used steel wool, getting very little. Soaking it again now, because I am NOT going to throw this pan out, because it is vintage Revereware and I am NOT breaking up my set.


3. I am the worst today. Supposed to go out, ended up sitting at home drinking boxed wine (in my defense, it's the classy boxed wine) and looking at tumblr. Oh tumblr, there's a reason I stopped using you. Granted, that reason was because I hate spoilers, but there are also many other reasons not to look at you.

Anyway. Back to tumblr. Possibly a little writing. Trying to get this thing done by the end of Porn Battle, because if I don't I think we all know it's never going to get finished.
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1. I'm cleaning up my oldest fic, right? Because I want everything from, Restricted Section, AFF, my journal, w/e, all on the AO3. This is the stuff from way back, the stuff that was the very first fanfiction I wrote consciously, knowing what I was doing what writing fanfiction.

So I did most of this work a year ago, and I imported all but just a few things from It is important to note that I didn't read any of them; I just imported all of them and tossed them up. But oh god, there were a few things I had missed, and I read them. Oh my god that was an error in judgment. I just, goddamn.

But now, I've put up everything I can find (though now that I think about it I might need to recheck [ profile] bloody_shorts), except for this one story.

It is, without a doubt, bar none, the worst story I have ever written in my entire life. This is not 100% shocking, because it was the second story I ever wrote, following my (adorable and harmless) Mary Sue, and it was the first porn I ever wrote. I remember having SUCH TROUBLE because I was 17 AND THREE QUARTERS YOU GUYS and it was SO SCARY to click the "I am over 18" button because I was afraid of the INTERNET POLICE.

You think I'm lying. You sit here and read all these kinky stories I been leaving all over the place, and you do not understand that I am a Good Girl at heart. I have been known to follow the Letter and not the Spirit, is what I'm saying.

So I don't know what to do about this story. I thought it wasn't available anywhere on the internet except behind a login at Restricted Section, but I just found it on my AFF profile. I'm so torn, because I'm a completist, and I feel that you have to own your mistakes. But y'all, this, this may just be too bad. We may have crossed the Rubicon on this one. I'll damn sure link to the sporking if I do post it, though (if I can find it, it's not tagged on the comm I know it's in).

So IDK. I'm not linking you to it if I post it. You can find it your damn selves.


Ohhh my god, you have no idea how many fond memories I have of being a tiny Sabine, sitting in front of BBCA watching Can't Cook, Won't Cook and Ready Steady Cook. And if you didn't watch it on BBCA, you missed the best part, because it had American translations at the bottom. Like, it would have helpful little bars when they used a non-American term for something ("The courgette is also known as a zucchini!") or some food item that's not commonly used in America ("Crème fraîche is similar to sour cream" or "Clotted cream is... okay look we're not a hundred percent on what it is, but it tastes pretty good, so let's roll with it.").

That plus Red Dwarf = one ECSTATIC Sabine.

3. Random: Don't tell me what it is, but do you have your credit/debit card number memorized? We're talking about the number proper, from the front of the card, not the account number.

I have always had my debit card number memorized, and this seems to blow people's minds. Seriously, though, y'all, if you have a MasterCard from an American bank (regional banks, at least), the first eight numbers for any card number drawn on a specific account are always going to be the same, and the last four you need all the time for verification; it's only four numbers you have to memorize.

Why is this hard? Am I just being weird again?

I am particularly perplexed by this, because my mother thinks this is an amazing skill, and she has Masters (Masterses?) in both math and accounting.

4. So this is going around again, [ profile] pocky_slash being the proximal cause: Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

The "first" part doesn't work for me- can't be buggered- But here are some bits anyway. I think this is all XMFC, but it may please you to note that the Atlantis story farthest up the queue is labeled "what what (in the butt)". As one does.

The working titles = best part. Also these got real long somehow )
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This is why I must be stopped: because now I am dreaming about Magneto.

First I dreamt very vividly that Ian McKellen died, and oh my god I was overcome with grief. He's never allowed to actually die now, at least not before me. I have seen how I will react. It isn't pretty.

Then last night, I dreamt that Erik Lehnsherr gave me a back massage to Bohemian Rhapsody while I was candy flipping.

It sounds so much like I created that sentence with a random word generator.

But then we had to leave, for some reason, and we went to the store. We were talking about gender socialization and separation of "male" and "female" domains in store displays while we were looking at the Halloween clearance aisle, and then my dad was there, and he was like, WTF is this shit, and I'm like, Dad, you don't understand my work.

And we were in Denver, and we had just gotten back from the club to the hotel room and gone to bed (in a completely platonic way, because I never get laid in my dreams). All the hallways were really small, and I was having this long inner monologue about state nomenclature. And my dad was there again, and I was like, Dad, me and Erik are trying to get some sleep, you need to go home.

And we got up, and for some reason we were famous- I mean, we had been famous this whole time, we didn't wake up famous. And I'm watching us on the morning shows and talking to my producer, and I'm like, this bitch on Fox News is getting every single thing we told her wrong, and ze was like, I know, right?

And then Charles was there, and they were having some kind of competition involving random number generators. And this led to trying to open competing cafes in the same town? And then my alarm started going off, which is when I became convinced that this was all evidence about how we should take down JSTOR.

If I knew, I would tell you. I think the reason that it bothers me the most is that I'm a Charles girl.

Also yesterday, because Wikipedia is down and it is knowledge Lent, I calculated whether I was taller than Charles Xavier. By my calculations, yes, because Patrick Stewart is an inch taller than me, but James McAvoy is two inches shorter, so Charles Xavier must be half an inch shorter than me. QED

I was not the one on twitter to ask if that was sitting or standing. But you know we were all thinking about it, because we are horrible, HORRIBLE people, every last one of us.

But Erik is much taller than me. That is comforting.

Oh, flist. I assure you that, one day, this too shall pass, and I will go back to SGA or Doctor Who or something. But I've gotten to the point where I don't want to make new friends, right, just because we share a fandom. There are cool people I want to meet, but IDGAF if they want to prattle on about Sherlock or Supernatural or something, just as long as we like each other. And I think, like, if you don't have that philosophy, it's totally legit if you defriend me. But I probably won't defriend you, because if I've got you friended at this point, it's because I think we're friends, not just people who like the same thing.

That got serious for a moment. Let's go back to baby sloths taking a bath.
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1. Am I alone in this, or is The Usual Suspects an ENORMOUSLY slashy movie? I have just seen it for the first time, you understand, and love it unreservedly because I have a hardon for unreliable narration, but I mean, everybody seems like they're about thirty seconds from fucking everybody else.


2. Dear children, I am ready to go HOME because being with my parents is, as always, driving me MENTAL. For various reasons it's much worse this year, but the one saving grace is we're not going out to see my extended family. Lord. I want to go home and sit on my couch and perhaps sip some wine and definitely watch lots of movies and TV I haven't caught up on.

3. Okay, here's the thing with the LJ/DW thing:

There is nothing, nothing in this whole thing that I would like better than fandom to just pull up stakes and move en masse to DW. It's not a "let's stick it to LJ" thing- as much as I love to stick it to the man- it's a "hey, we could be doing so much better for ourselves" sort of thing. We could leave something that is starting to become kind of rickety and busted-ass for the new hotness- and unlike certain other LJ clones I could mention, they're actually committed to, y'know, being a real thing, not something cobbled together in someone's basement to get around LJ's TOS.

That being said.

I'm not going to stop crossposting. The whole reason is the people on LJ. As much as I can wave the DW flag, I didn't even want to move over at first; I wouldn't have unless people I liked hadn't stopped/all but stopped using LJ. And I can do that, I can do what I can, but I'm not going to ditch my friends because they won't move.

I'm also not going to close comments; almost all the posts on this journal are 1) friends-locked RL posts 2) fic posts. If I turn off comments, 1) my LJ friends can't comment on locked entries (I am sure there is a way to do this through openID, but, really, that's not going to happen) 2) my comment count will go down on fic posts (no, trust me on this one, people really will not comment if you don't give them to option to do it where it's most convenient).

So. For the foreseeable future, you can find me in both places, but if it gets to the point where I feel the need to move, I'll be moving to DW, not back to LJ. That ship has sailed.

Okay. Back to the porn and the cat macros.
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Challenges are hard, you guys. Ignoring the two that're due next month (one of which I got a great, very long, pretty much everything but the dialogue prompt for that'll be no problem), I have one that I'm intimidated by and have no ideas for, and one I'm not intimidated by in the least but where all my character voices are coming out wrong. They don't sound like my beloved gay lawyers; they sound like any two guys, and that makes me so sad.

This is added to the fact that I am kind of... put out, is a good way to put it, and depressed, and also at the post-semester point where sleeping seems to be like a really big hassle. Highly counter-productive, especially since I'm trying to make an effort to at least leave the house every day and see the sun.


So instead, have this meme what is making the rounds again ([personal profile] telesilla and [personal profile] pyrasaur are who I lifted it from):

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

(Belated PS: I am looking for small things for the podficing, to try and get back into it. Give me your small things.)
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This dream was so strange I feel like it needs to be saved for posterity. LA, Space Boyfriends, fake Christmas trees, etc) )
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1. If I could be anyone in the world, I would be T-Pain.

Cee Lo is, of course, a close second.

2. I'm feeling really low energy lately, particularly when it comes to fandom stuff. I'm half a season behind on Doctor Who, a season behind on Community, I haven't started Snuff or finished Ghost Story (and I am unspoiled for all these things but Community, so shhhh), I'm barely writing, and I just don't want to deal with any of it. It seems like work right now, and that's not right. I'm not going to make myself work to have fun.

All I seem to have energy for is non-fiction (non-fiction pleasure reading takes a lot less out of me than fiction, which I understand is somewhat strange) and craft-type projects. I made a nice shawl and drafted a cross stitch pattern, and I've been reading all kinds of books about paganism and kink. I finally, now that I have a driver's license for the state I actually live in, got a public library card, and it is very nice.

3. In that theme, however, I did watch Shut Up Little Man!, which is really something. It's playing up at my beloved local arthouse theatre (which also houses Rifftrax Live. You are jealous.), but it's playing during GMX, so I thought I'd miss it. But! It's on Comcast On Demand, so I merrily cross stitched and watched it from the comfort of my couch.

I strongly recommend it, if you don't mind rather a lot of obscenity and homophobia (from the subjects, not the filmmakers). It's funny and a little disturbing in places, and it raises some really interesting questions about privacy, art, and identity (without giving easy answers to any of them).

4. This just in: a fine piece of Phoenix/Edgeworth epistolary comment porn from [personal profile] valentinite. Absolutely delicious.
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1. There is no more liquor in the world, because [personal profile] arymabeth and I drank it all last night. We may have started drinking liquor that was not, in fact, of this world. I got a new book of cocktails (which I highly recommend), and we definitely made a dent in it.

And now I have three different bottles of bitters, so hey, that's something.

2. Reverse Bang is finally finished and sent off to the mods! \o/ Now to do all the things I was putting off in order to finish. /o\

3. I swear there was something else I was going to say. Uh. IDK. I may possibly be a little hung over.

Part II

Jan. 11th, 2011 10:08 am
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When we last spoke, I was in Memphis, preparing to leave.

Readers, I am still in Memphis.

I waited six hours at the airport for my flight at 7:20. At 6:50, the flight was delayed. At 7:25, the flight was canceled.

The lines to talk to the agents were, to use a word that I have only recently learned but find remarkably useful, a shitshow. Dude, I know it really sucks that the flight crew is stuck in Atlanta. I know it really sucks that there are no flights until Thursday. I know it really sucks that there are no rental cars. When you get up to the agent and start bitching and moaning and demanding that the agents pull a flight out of nowhere so you can take your little prima donna ass back to Nashville, YOU ARE THE ONE MAKING THIS SUCK.

Aside: This is one of my biggest pet peeves of all time. It even pissed me off when I was a kid- don't fucking bitch when things don't go your way, ESPECIALLY in a long line where twenty strangers have to listen to your fucking mouth. Nobody wants to put up with you acting like a fucking toddler. Suck it the fuck up, act like an adult, smile at the people who are only trying to help, bitch to your friend later in the car.

This may or may not have led to me reverse-bitching at the guy in front of me in the refunds line. Anyway.

So I came back to the Holiday Inn, which is really very nice, and I am very grateful to have a hotel room. And I had dinner in the hotel restaurant, where they had fried goat cheese, which must be mankind's greatest invention. And I desperately tried to find somebody to get me the fuck out of Memphis, after which I went to sleep and had the most bizarre dreams (though one of them was a trailer for a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio that looked reallly good).

But, my children, the end is in sight. I don't want to jinx it again, but good lord willing and the creek don't rise, [personal profile] arymabeth will be here in a few short hours to take me back home. I'm gonna buy her so many lizards.

How are you, flist?
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Hello, livejournal/dreamwidth. I am coming to you live from the Memphis International Airport, where I have been for quite some time and will be for quite some time more.

It has been quite the ordeal over the past two days. I had a late flight out of Pittsburgh yesterday to Atlanta, then on to Nashville... and then the Atlanta airport all but shut down, and my flight was canceled.

So I went to the airport early to get my shit together, and the lady at the ticket desk said, "Okay, you're scheduled to fly out at eleven."

"Is that eleven tomorrow?" I asked.

"No, on the eleventh," she replied.

"Good lord," I replied. "If I have to overnight, let me overnight in Memphis."

And lo, I got to Memphis, and [personal profile] shadowen came and picked me up... in the driving snow. And the roads were so bad that my mother said, "GOOD GOD GET A HOTEL ROOM."

And yea, verily, we got a hotel room, where we ate foods and stared at each other for a while and went to bed early. We woke up late-ish this morning and had brunch, then she brought me here, to the Memphis Airport, where I am flying standby for the 7:20 flight to Nashville and, of course, talking to you on the expensive wireless internets.

But, the conference was really hella fun, and while there was drama, it was drama at a completely different school that I have NOTHING to do with. And I hung out with all the twitter linguists (there are a lot of us), and it was good times, including when I stood up during the American Dialect Society Word of the Year vote and exhorted the crowd to "hide yo syntacticians, hide yo sociolinguists."

It may be on youtube.

And now I am killing time until it is appropriate to go to the airport bar. I think it's totally legit.
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Despite all the casual racism tossed around in my family (which, this year, included the most perplexing racist statement I have ever heard- it was truly one of those "so racist you can't even get mad" moments) and almost throwing a panic attack on the ride back from my grandmother's, it was a pretty good Christmas.

This is that 'stuff I got' post, because I find those posts interesting. Also contains SEAMSTRESS GLEE and review snark )

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There's something I feel like I need to say, because there's always this talk going around about appropriation and slash and who gets to talk about who. So let me say this about the end of DADT:

I'm not celebrating this for fictional people. That this changes the stories I get to write about people who don't exist- that's cute. That this changes the lives of real people who I care about- that's important.

I'm celebrating it for people like my cousin and his husband, who met in- and left- the military. I'm celebrating it because I believe every American has the fundamental right to choose whatever the hell life they please, even if it's a life of dodging bullets. I'm celebrating it because this move will make our armed forces stronger. I'm celebrating it because DADT was fucking stupid. I'm celebrating it for people like me, for whom the military has always been a closed option.

I'm not under the impression that this is the end- this is one important step in a larger struggle. We will be fighting about this tooth and nail for years to come. But right now, on this day, I feel like we deserve a little joy. And, yeah, if that means having fun with our little paper dolls, I'm fine with that.


Dec. 13th, 2010 07:40 am
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I only have one thing to say about today: Read more... )
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1. This is the kind of afternoon I'm having: I put pants on so that I could go and collect my mail (wherein I found my new big subby wristband), then immediately took them off again. Now I am, as you can often find me of a Saturday, sitting in my underpants, drinking a beer, listening to David Bowie, contemplating making some brownies.

I have, it should be pointed out, totally earned this beer and underpants time, as I spent the whole morning working on my paper for this conference next week. And hey, my underpants even match my shirt. It almost looks like I planned it.

2. Very mild butt-related TMI )

3. [community profile] intoabar is almost over! I am both excited and relieved!
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While the subject material of this book I am reading for class is interesting, it is FOREVER LONG and I am tired of it. So, instead: Sabine and Lizzy Theatre! )
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1. Everything I do is better when I am wearing this:

Cut for picture )

Everything is just a little bit funnier and happier when I am in it. It is presently about twenty degrees too hot here to be wearing it, and guess what? I am anyway.

1a. Did I mention that [personal profile] arymabeth and I have started a tumblr called fuckyeahjacksonanddoc? Because [personal profile] arymabeth and I have started a tumblr called fuckyeahjacksonanddoc.

1b. It's really nice to be in a fandom with, essentially, no one in it. Like, I'd kind of forgotten what it was like to be in a small fandom, and it's good to be doing that again. I'm really burnt out on all the jockeying for position that comes with big fandoms, because I'm just past the point of caring about it. I feel vaguely guilty, but, y'know, don't expect much out of me any time soon, writing wise, if it involves any fandom with more than about sixteen people in it. It's more than that, too- I'm at the point where I'm writing the same SGA story over and over again, and I'm sick of it. It's not even a very good story.

2. On a happier note, did I mention that I am going to see MASSIVE FUCKING ATTACK next month at Moogfest? Or that I am going to see Rifftrax Live, like, in person, because it is once again being broadcast from the theatre three minutes from my house? Or that I going to see Joel McHale next weekend?

It is a pretty sweet time to be going to concerts with me, honestly.

3. We are over 100 signups for [community profile] intoabar, and we still have ten days left! \o/

Three notes

Sep. 8th, 2010 12:06 am
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1. So I had to watch this really very poorly made documentary for class. And then this happened.

2. [ profile] mcshep_match reveal is up! I wrote One Step Back, which really has nothing to do with anything and is not really my style at all. And, once again, nobody guessed me.

3. Pretty sure I have the con crud. It is relatively mild, but I definitely woke myself up coughing last night and have been dragging ass ever since we got back. Bleh.


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