Mar. 22nd, 2014 07:18 pm
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For your conveniences and archival purposes, I have compiled a zip file with the entirety of my stories on the AO3 to this point (from 2003 up to March 14, 2014). For reasons, the files are PDFs (though please remember, as always, you can download them in several formats from the AO3), sorted by fandom and series.

The file is available right over here, and feel free to distribute it near and far.

That is all.
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Put my name in for the End of Year Feedback Meme. Thread is here, if you're interested.


Jul. 1st, 2013 06:22 pm
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My card! )

Soooooo excite! There's honestly nothing on there I don't want to write. Body inflation! Tears! Two kinds of humiliation! I don't have any plans yet except for body inflation and maybe the wildcard (by god this Carlos/Cecil story is going on here somewhere), so please give to me the prompts. I might blackout, I might not- since the next round isn't for so long, I'll try, but I intend to be fairly lazy about it. I do intend to do one speed-run line to see exactly how long it takes to bingo- fic only, shooting only for the minimum word count but full stories. It will be grand.

While I've got you here, check out some ridiculousness: if you're into MCU and Night Vale, which really, you should be, please enjoy this crossover what I wrote, where Phil is from Night Vale (how else is he so nonchalant?). It pleases me.

A meme!

Apr. 11th, 2013 12:14 pm
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From [personal profile] kate (and others): Here are the last twenty-one first lines I wrote in fanfic! Several of these are from stories with multiple chapters, so they are the first lines of the last chapter posted.

Spot the one that's not Marvel for a prize )
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A meme what [personal profile] helens78 posted:

Pick any passage of 500 words or less from any fanfic I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you the equivalent of a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what’s going on in the character’s heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

I'd prob. do longer stuff, if anyone was curious? IDK. It seems like a fun time. I do love talking about myself, this we all know.

Take two

Jul. 1st, 2012 08:45 pm
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Kink Bingo 2012! )

So many choices. I haven't spent much time looking at it. I don't think I'm going to try and black out this year, but many things will be made.
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Dear flist:

I do not want to work. I want to do this meme again:

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

Go forth, my friends. I'm only really up for SGA, Avengers, and maybe a little XMFC, tbqh.
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So I did the 15 14 characters meme, and I actually finished answering the questions!

There were some doozies. )
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1. I don't understand the Sims. [personal profile] arymabeth made fun of me because I don't like to let them nap. I want them to have a good night's sleep! They shouldn't sleep until they're tired!

IDK. My Sims also never leave the house. I always get annoyed when they have to go places and talk to people. This is... probably why I hardly play the Sims anymore.

2. I regret to inform you that I dropped out of Remix. :/ I just had nothing. The author hadn't written much in the fandom we matched on; there was this one thing that I thought I might could work with, but then I was just like, I'm retracing my steps, I've written this story before, I can't write it any better.

So. I feel bad, because I've dropped out of several challenges lately, but there's nothing to be done, except to stop entering challenges, which is my present plan of action.

3. I have discussed this a little on tumblr, but: I may be very close to fulfilling a great desire, flist. I may be buying a theremin. I don't want to jinx it, but there's a Moog going for a really good price right now- I could get a B3 or a Zep for cheaper, but if I'm going to do this, I'm not going to screw around about it. Zep is pretty much for flailing around pretending to be Jimmy Page, and B3 just... isn't as good. So I'd rather just shell out the extra money for the Moog and be srsface about it- that is, of course, provided I can buy this Moog, because I fucking CANNOT afford a new Moog theremin.

If I'm going to buy this and learn to play it, I'm going to learn it properly and seriously; I'm not buying it to make spooky noises with when you can do something like this or this- no wait, sorry, this with it.

But I will be trying this just as soon as I can.

I mean, seriously, how could you look at a theremin and NOT want to play it? Truly, it is the instrument of wizards. Bonus: you can always let your dumb friends screw around with it with no fear- you don't actually touch it to play it, so they can't break anything.

And oh, I am finally going to get back at that neighbor kid who plays the recorder badly all afternoon.

4. I reaaaaally gotta get my shit together. The "semester" is almost over, but I've just realized that it's pretty much gonna be seven more weeks before I'm actually done. Ugh. The amount of hurry-up-and-wait is what I really can't stand. I should be in my second week of comps now, but... I'm not. Good and bad.

I would like it to be Comic-Con right now, plznthnx.

5. Right right right, that's the other thing I was going to post: timestamp meme time again!

Give me one of my stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future (after the end of the story), or sometime in the past (before the story started), and I'll write you at least a hundred words some words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.


Mar. 29th, 2012 10:57 pm
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1. Go to page 7 of your most recent WiP
2. Count seven lines down
3. Copy and paste the next seven lines of text

I went to my most recent WIP that actually had 7 pages in it, and what I found was, like, a SUPER big spoiler for Blood Money. Then the next one was the one Ces and I are writing, and I didn't want to just be like HAY GUISE without checking with her. So this is "Raven Darkholme got to get paid", which is actually the third story by this name, bearing almost no resemblance to this one, except in that Raven is a sex worker who Erik hires. After several jumps, we are at Raven the kept woman, which is the least angsty and melodramatic version, if you can believe it.

But this is more than 7 lines, so.


He feels like it's rude to answer the door without a shirt on, especially when he doesn't really need to. "Raven?"

"I've got it," she calls. He sees her change as she walks by the door to the kitchen, hears the front door open; he's expecting Raven to call for him or come back with news, but there's nothing. All he hears are hushed voices, at least at first, but they're creeping towards raised voices pretty quickly.

"Charles, we've been over this. Besides, he's paid through the end of the month-"

"It's not about the money, Raven," a man's voice says. "It's never been, and even if it were, we could certainly work something out-"

Erik puts down his glass, walking out of the kitchen, because now this is his business.
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There are perks to being an academic, as I have learned. This should probably be a Grad Student Gorilla, which I should probably restart, but everybody needs a little more Success McAvoy in their lives.

2. Uh, if you like things that rock and are awesome, you should read A Decent Boldness by [personal profile] schmerica. Because it has slutty Charles and Raven, which, as you know, are the best Charleses and Ravens. And I believe it will be very clear what, to my mind, the logical extension of this story is, because I am, if you had not noticed, shameless.

3. I'm stuck on another dirtybadwrong story, flist.

And then, like, this big rant about desire and author intent and gender politics came out of nowhere ) I should probably lock this, but... I'm not. Whoops.

IDK. I'm going to bed. I have had another lecture sprung on me (great ironies: my advisor has to translate in a trial for indigenous workers, which means I have to cover a session called Language and Ethnicity), and I am behind on ALL THE THINGS.

So. Have a good night, flist.
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1. I came to the bizarre realization the other day that, out of all the things I'm presently into (I'm not counting Community, despite how desperately I love it, because I am so fucking behind I don't even count as a viewer anymore), Archer is the one that passes the Bechdel test. And a female POC is one of the main characters, and a majority of the main cast is female. How the actual fuck did this happen. Okay, I totally know how this happened: nobody working on that show gives any fucks about mainstream appeal, and the only reason they've gotten away with it was because it was completely a sleeper hit. It's one of those shows where everyone is a fucking horrible person and does and says fucking horrible things, so don't go looking to it for enlightened ideas or anything- but that's the point and the source of humor.

Fucking love me some Archer. But I still haven't seen the last episode, because I've been too down to properly appreciate it. Plus there are only two more episodes in the season and I don't want it to eeeeeennnd. But I do randomly shout "SOY EL CONTADOR" and ask people if they want ants (observe that my AIM status is currently, "Is that how you get ants, Barry? Yes it is, Other Barry."). Frequently.

2. I have been wanking up and down on the tumblr the last day or so- not because I want to get into a fight, because I don't, but because people just KEEP ON being wrong on the internet. And someone finally calls me out and it's over... critiquing bad fanart? That the OP didn't even do? Oh tumblr. (I'm not engaging, and I'd rather no one engaged in my name. The OP was snide but civil, so fuck it.)

While I was writing this someone else I kinda wanked at showed up, and I did engage with him. But he wasn't the person who I was actually pissed off at, so IDGAF. He can believe me or not, whatever helps him sleep at night.

God, the number of fucks I don't give lately. I never say anything remotely wanky, because I freak out really, really easily when I think people don't like me and don't take criticism well at all. But apparently being depressed and tired makes me just wanky as a bastard, because I no longer feel the need to keep my Thoughts to myself.

3. I am procrastinating a bunch of personal posts I want to make and a bunch of fic I want to write- okay, I'm not procrastinating the fic, I'm just in that space where, for example, the other day, I opened the gdoc that has all the new Blood Money stuff in it, left it open for, like, four or five hours, and literally wrote 29 words the entire time. Granted, they were good words- there was lip-licking- but that was fucking it. That was two days ago, and I haven't written anything since. But I am writing the dialogue meta- which is not like real writing at all. And I feel vaguely dirty for quoting David Mamet in it, but it is, officially, the most awesomely true thing anybody has ever said about writing good dialogue.

4. On the bright side, I'm pretty sure I have my costumes for this year picked out. One of them will be really complicated (a redesigned Scarlet Witch), one of them will be simple but expensive (Jonas Venture, Sr.), and the other one is a "we dressed him in the car on the way to the con"* costume (Pam from Archer). I am pleased about these costuming choices.


And oh my actual god, why did no one ever tell me about Burda patterns before. FOR IT IS THE PATTERN COMPANY OF MY ACTUAL DREAMS )

So. That is a long entry. It has very brilliantly distracted me from all the other long entries. Excellent, excellent.


Mar. 17th, 2012 02:56 am
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There is a question I have been wondering about for a long time, flist, because I am fascinated by how writers write, and also because I am a pervert.

Do you get turned on when you're writing?

Like, the subject of porny fanfic- specifically my reaction to it- kind of mystifies me. For, like, a really long time, I didn't even understand that people got off on NC-17 fanfic, even though I read, like, a billionty words of it. Yeah, idk either. It just... didn't occur to me that people did that. And I am given to understand that other people find the act of writing exciting, but I have no idea how that even works. I find it satisfying, but in a completely nonsexual way. I am friggin too distracted by trying to find the right words to get turned on. I don't even find stories that I've written hot most of the time, because I'm still distracted by word choices and stylistic things, etc. etc.

I have, however, made myself weep copiously. So idk. You'd think they were similar.

So I wonder, Flist. Your thoughts?

(Unrelated: Watching Lucy, Daughter of the Devil, and of course, because it's H. Jon Benjamin, I keep seeing Archer every time Satan speaks. However, it occurs to me that they're... oddly similar. And this pleases me.)


Mar. 15th, 2012 03:56 pm
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A question, in between posts that have nothing to do with it at all:

Would it be totally awesome or totally wanky to write a "How to write good dialogue" primer? I am thinking of something similar to the smut primer by the lovely and moist and sticky [ profile] leiascully.

Because it took me a really long time to learn how to write good dialogue (because I think I write good dialogue, but if I don't, this is your chance to circuitously be like, "You are working under a false assumption, Sabine, and you need to step up your game") and there are many helpful things that people might be interested in considering.

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1. Sat down to write this really super hot story I had in mind, right?

An hour later, I have a whole document full of Charles and Raven bantering and nobody's even gotten their dick out yet.

There's a reason the gdoc is called "shut up you guys". I can't help it. It just pleases me in my heart to write Raven and Charles being slutty slutty slut sluts together, and for some reason they're real chatty.

2. So I feel like "characters find the fanfic" stories are really annoying and kind of masturbatory, in addition to having an air of "tee-hee, aren't we clever" (short answer: no) to them.

But what I want to see right now, which probably already exists and I just have not read because I don't like "characters find the fanfic" stories, is a story- and this would either have to be RPF or FPF where the characters are famous- where Person 1 in the pairing in question has to use Person 2's computer or phone or something for a totally legit purpose, and accidentally finds a treasure trove of 1/2 porn. And 1's like "What the FUCK are you even doing, this is the most narcissistic thing I've ever seen," and 2 sort of hems and haws about it but is finally like "I READ IT FOR POINTERS, OKAY."

And 1 is like "..................." and 2 is like "You know that thing I do with my tongue? Yeah, you better be glad I read that 60k hurt/comfort story." And then 1 would be like "...Why did you read the other 59k words?" and 2 would be like "LOOK AT THE TIME, GOTTA GO WATER THE AZALEAS."

Alternately, what I think might be more hilarious is for 1 to find a whole mess of 2/3 porn. Like, James has a phone full of Lawbender stories (gonna keep saying that until it doesn't crack me up anymore, gonna take a while), or Tony keeps a big folder of Steve/Pepper porn (you can choose your own adventure on those pairings. Does anybody write Steve/Pepper? Note to self) on his desktop, right in front of god and everybody.

(Coulson keeps all his pornography too far under wraps to be included in this scenario. Also he is too confident to bother. Clint would be real loud about it if he could, but nobody writes Coulson porn.)

IDK, you guys. Probably I just need to sleep.

ETA: Oh god OH GOD you guys, they do write Pepper/Steve (and Pepper/Steve/Tony, no less), and holy shit it is beautiful and made me cry. YOU GUYS THIS STORY, MY ~FEEEEELINGS.~
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So I won the beautiful, generally badass [personal profile] chagrined in the [community profile] aau auction, and what did I get from hir? Gifs, glorious gifs!

Gif the first: No reason. )

I have wanted this gif for quite some time, because it is the ultimate non sequitur/fuck you. I can anticipate many internet arguments where the solution is to just post it and leave.

God, you have no idea how much I love Rubber. It is creeping up onto the top ten list of favorite movies. Why? No reason. It's just so fucking fabulous. HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE IT, IT'S ABOUT AN EVIL TIRE. It's not a movie for everyone: audiences are divided rather sharply into "what the fuck just happened, I will never get that time back" and "WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED LET'S WATCH IT AGAIN RIGHT NOW." The way you can tell whether you'll like it or not is to watch the opening monologue (which ends at this gif); if you do not think it is the best fucking thing you've ever heard, stop the tape and walk away.

It is streaming on the Netflix and there's no reason you shouldn't watch it.

Moving on:

Gif the second: Charles Fucking Ofdensen, that's who )

If you have never watched Metalocalypse, allow me to explain that this is not- on paper- an assassin, or a weapons expert, or any other kind of combatant. This is their business manager. Even the dude who signs the checks is badass enough to get thrown out a window and take it in stride.

Also this is the point where he went from being amusing and kinda hot to irretrievably sexy. (What, you don't agree? Don't make me pull out the Rubber gif again.)

It is the happiest of days.

While we're like, IDK, posting and shit, after your eyes get done hurting from watching these gifs over and over, here are some memes what I found on my flist.

1. What sort of character would you like to see me play? It can be a general description, OR you can choose a specific name (I'd like to see you play _____). Then, tell me why!

2. I was thinking you should tell me about stories you think I should write. I mean, if you could sit me down for a day or whatever and say, "Sabine, I want you to write this story for me," what would that story be?

I'm not actually promising to *write* any of these, mind you, but it's fun anyway. And who knows if I'll be inspired!
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Leave a comment and I'll ask you five (somewhat random) questions. You can answer in the comment or in a post you link to in the comments. If you feel like it, post the meme in your journal so people can ask you for questions.

Here are some questions what [personal profile] telesilla done give me! Makeup, Darwyn Cooke, etc )

Also, have this additional meme, which has been my bane, because apparently my username contains the WRONG FUCKING LETTERS. So now I torture you with it.

I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ/DW USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's no fun! ;D
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1. I'm cleaning up my oldest fic, right? Because I want everything from, Restricted Section, AFF, my journal, w/e, all on the AO3. This is the stuff from way back, the stuff that was the very first fanfiction I wrote consciously, knowing what I was doing what writing fanfiction.

So I did most of this work a year ago, and I imported all but just a few things from It is important to note that I didn't read any of them; I just imported all of them and tossed them up. But oh god, there were a few things I had missed, and I read them. Oh my god that was an error in judgment. I just, goddamn.

But now, I've put up everything I can find (though now that I think about it I might need to recheck [ profile] bloody_shorts), except for this one story.

It is, without a doubt, bar none, the worst story I have ever written in my entire life. This is not 100% shocking, because it was the second story I ever wrote, following my (adorable and harmless) Mary Sue, and it was the first porn I ever wrote. I remember having SUCH TROUBLE because I was 17 AND THREE QUARTERS YOU GUYS and it was SO SCARY to click the "I am over 18" button because I was afraid of the INTERNET POLICE.

You think I'm lying. You sit here and read all these kinky stories I been leaving all over the place, and you do not understand that I am a Good Girl at heart. I have been known to follow the Letter and not the Spirit, is what I'm saying.

So I don't know what to do about this story. I thought it wasn't available anywhere on the internet except behind a login at Restricted Section, but I just found it on my AFF profile. I'm so torn, because I'm a completist, and I feel that you have to own your mistakes. But y'all, this, this may just be too bad. We may have crossed the Rubicon on this one. I'll damn sure link to the sporking if I do post it, though (if I can find it, it's not tagged on the comm I know it's in).

So IDK. I'm not linking you to it if I post it. You can find it your damn selves.


Ohhh my god, you have no idea how many fond memories I have of being a tiny Sabine, sitting in front of BBCA watching Can't Cook, Won't Cook and Ready Steady Cook. And if you didn't watch it on BBCA, you missed the best part, because it had American translations at the bottom. Like, it would have helpful little bars when they used a non-American term for something ("The courgette is also known as a zucchini!") or some food item that's not commonly used in America ("Crème fraîche is similar to sour cream" or "Clotted cream is... okay look we're not a hundred percent on what it is, but it tastes pretty good, so let's roll with it.").

That plus Red Dwarf = one ECSTATIC Sabine.

3. Random: Don't tell me what it is, but do you have your credit/debit card number memorized? We're talking about the number proper, from the front of the card, not the account number.

I have always had my debit card number memorized, and this seems to blow people's minds. Seriously, though, y'all, if you have a MasterCard from an American bank (regional banks, at least), the first eight numbers for any card number drawn on a specific account are always going to be the same, and the last four you need all the time for verification; it's only four numbers you have to memorize.

Why is this hard? Am I just being weird again?

I am particularly perplexed by this, because my mother thinks this is an amazing skill, and she has Masters (Masterses?) in both math and accounting.

4. So this is going around again, [ profile] pocky_slash being the proximal cause: Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

The "first" part doesn't work for me- can't be buggered- But here are some bits anyway. I think this is all XMFC, but it may please you to note that the Atlantis story farthest up the queue is labeled "what what (in the butt)". As one does.

The working titles = best part. Also these got real long somehow )
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Give to me some prompts my lovelies. Everything I'm writing makes me want to punch it in the face right at this second.

XMFC (or movies in general, w/e), SGA, Phoenix Wright, Mythbusters, Metalocalypse, Inception, IDK, whatever you like.
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So here is the five minute comment fic meme, stolen, as one does, from [ profile] pocky_slash and [personal profile] schmerica:

1. Clear your schedule for five minutes (or longer if you have time, I'm not gonna turn down more fic).
2. Then look under the cut tag, where you will find ten prompts, all of which are song titles (selected at random from my iPod WMP library).
3. Choose one of the prompts, and - using any appropriate fandom/character[s] (meaning ones you think I might enjoy) - write.
4. Reply with your teeny weeny story in the comments to this post.
5. Repost this in your journal and make your friends write for you!

This says an unfortunate amount about my musical tastes. )


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