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So a while ago I mentioned writing a story for a Critical Role theatripod, and upon the suggestion of [ profile] blackglass, I am looking for a few good readers to do it for [community profile] pod_together!

I'm thinking it's best to keep readers to eight people or under, enough to cover a rather large cast of characters without being too hard to wrangle. I have no idea how long it'll be (but probably at least 5k), and it'll primarily focus on Vox Machina ensemble. So if there's some member of the team you're desperate to be, please mention it below. Hell, if there's an NPC you're desperate for, mention that too, because this is gonna be a kitchen sink kind of a thing.

Some notes on what I like to write, which are not different from my usual if you're familiar with my writing:

- I'm up for whatever rating people want. I usually fall at about a T when it's not porn, but if people want to go harder, we certainly can.

- I don't write gen, and whatever the pairings, there will almost certainly be at least minor Percy/Vex. Other ships I am into include Percy/Tary (with Vex in a V), Kima/Allura, Grog/pretty much anyone, Polymachina, etc. That said, I'm okay with the shippiness being mostly background.

- As far as timelines go, since this is going to happen over a long period and I don't want to get stuck, I'm looking at either the one year timeskip, canon-compliant future, or some flavor of AU.

- I don't write breakups, nonconsensual infidelity, needles, scat, permanent character death (canonical or not), graphic violence, body horror, character bashing, A/B/O, soulmates, and probably some other stuff. So if any of those things bother you, you can rest assured they won't be there. And obvs I will write around other people's squicks and triggers; I'm not going to force you out by insulting you like that if you want to join.

So if you read all that, take a moment to review the [community profile] pod_together rules and timeline, and if it sounds good to you, leave a comment! Also mention what platform you'd like to collaborate on, and whether you can help with editing (I can do it if no one else wants to, but I'm not super great at it). Once we put together a cast, I'll solicit more ideas and see what people want before I get started writing.

Podfic! \o/

ETA: What a good response! I'm going to get everyone who's replied so far on a gdoc, but feel free to comment if that doesn't include you, and if we end up with a gap to fill, I may call upon you.
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