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Last updated: 17 March 2017

1. Feedback:

a. I love comments! I love it when people take the time to read what I've written, and I like it even more when people drop a comment. But, commenting is and always has been optional- it's totally cool if you don't, and you don't need a reason. I also check on my work through Delicious, because I am a stalker, so if you've tagged my fic, I love you for that too.

b. While I really and truly appreciate the sentiment, I don't care for concrit. Generally, when I've posted a story, it's already as good as I feel like I can make it. While I am interested in improving as a writer, I feel that it's more of an organic process, one that really just takes time and lots and lots of words. I understand if you feel like you're trying to help me; however, I've had such bad experiences with criticism of my work and myself in general that I am really not interested in receiving any more.

That being said, I totally want you to feel like you can say whatever you want in your own space. If you're moved by a story or hated it or cried yourself to sleep about it, and you want to discuss it in your own space, please feel free! It's your house, do what you like.

c. I love each and every comment that you give me- really, honestly I do! Unfortunately, I'm just not able to respond to every single comment on every single fic individually. Please, please don't take it personally; if you leave me a longer comment or ask me a question, I'll try to respond, but I still have trouble. It really is me, not you. <3

2. Contents/Warnings:

a. I write some heavy stuff, and that's the way I like it; but, I also want you to have no problems with reading my journal. As such, I will always give you some kind of keywords that indicate of the content of my fic; this can be anything from "fluff" to "possessive themes" to "D/s". The purpose of these keywords is not to serve as warnings, as such, but for you to decide whether you're interested in a story or not. I may add in silly or flippant keywords, but I won't omit anything I feel may be an issue for some/most/all readers.

In addition, I always provide warnings for any of the following:
-major character death
-underage sex
-extreme violence
-dubious consent/non-consensual sex

If there is a warning, or some of the keywords contain spoilers, I use blackout text to conceal it; just highlight to read (or don't).

b. I've done my part to help you; please do your part to protect yourself. If you have triggers other than what I've listed (which is, I think, most everybody, self included), feel free to PM me with your concerns, and I'll try to help you determine if the story will be problematic for you. If you have a concern that I've left some major and problematic element out of my header, please let me know as soon as possible. However, if you read a story despite its headers and get squicked, well, I've really done all I can for you.

3. Disclaimers: Unless required by a challenge or requested by the creator of a particular source, I do not use disclaimers.

4. Archives: Unless you're archiving it for your personal use on your own computer/iPhone/Kindle/w/e, always ask me first.

5. Derivative Works:

a. You never need my permission to podfic a story, to create fanart for a story, or to write a remix of a fanfic, though you must provide credit. Have at it, and please let me know!

b. Please ask me first if you want to write a sequel to any story I've written or a story in any verse of mine (especially, but not limited to, The Goddamned Genderswap). The only exception is Rhythm of the Saints. You can do what you like with it.

c. Do not create derivative works of any of my original fiction, as it has not been published yet.


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