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So I realize that it's been unpleasantly like drinking from the fire hose around here lately, and that there is genderswap coming from all directions. So! Here is for you a chronological index of The Goddamned Genderswap. The corresponding index is here at the AO3.

Season 1

Fever High
Get Down and Crawl
Like a Beggar for Its Touch
NC-17, 5386 words

Another Notch in My Lipstick Case
NC-17, 483 words, PWP

Season 2

Dazzling Blue
NC-17, 3145 words, set during Conversion

Season 3

Past the Last Exit
R, 1492 words, Irresistible tag

Rewind That Back
NC-17, 4960 words

Ain't No One Else Around
NC-17, 759 words, PWP

Sleepwalk Dance
PG, 989 words, set during The Return Pt. 1

Season 4

Seven Hours and Fifteen Days
PG-13, 624 words

An Island in the Setting Sun
R, 1277 words

No Good At Being Alone
PG, 355 words, set during The Last Man

Season 5

Nothing Like the Brain
PG-13, 3155 words, set during Brain Storm

Boat Drinks
PG, 1187 words, Brain Storm tag


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Date: 2011-11-15 06:13 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mific
Not unpleasant - quite the reverse! Sorry to have been slow to comment what with general busyness but have been enjoying them all. :)


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