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Time to sell off BPAL! You should buy some. It's for a great cause. Granted, that cause is helping me add to one of my tattoos, but it's a great tattoo.

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I am selling off some BPAL! I have a couple of LE and GC bottles and a whole stack of imps. Product list, details )
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I just catalogued all 69 (heh) imps and 17 bottles in my BPAL collection. o.0

And I just ordered two more bottles. (In my defense, I hadn't bought any since Halloween.)

I may have a bit of a problem.

It is a source of amusement to me that, as butch as I decidedly am, I spend a huge chunk of my disposable income on nail polish, BPAL, and MAC. Honestly, it's a drag thing.

(Still don't know if my Reverse Bang story is going to get written. I'm a third in, but I'm just not in the right frame of mind to write it. I only want to write happy/porny stories lately.)
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I've once again raided [personal profile] shadowen's stores and swapped my little heart out, so here are some new BPAL reviews!

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So because I'm on this kick of making my own natural body products (not because I'm afraid of chemicals, mind, but because I am cheap and because it satisfies my inner eight-year-old, craving to play with the soaps) and because my flist is, due to the holiday, deader than Heaven on a Saturday night, I present to you with some recipes.

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I get all my supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs, which I highly recommend. I also make my own body butter, but honestly, I couldn't tell you how to make it. I put shea butter and cocoa butter and carrier oil and perfume in a double boiler, melt it all together, and cool it. More cocoa butter makes it harder, more shea butter makes it creamier, more carrier oil makes it thinner, perfume makes it smell nice (this latest batch is BPAL/ThinkGeek's Cthulhu In Love, which smells delicious). It also smells nice unscented, because the cocoa butter has a nice smell.

So there. Go forth and be moisturized.


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