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Okay, so somebody brought this up, and so now I'm posting it.

This is- bear with me- a Firefly/Cowboy Bebop crossover that I wrote in 2006. I thought that I had only written one scene of it, but turns out I wrote chunks of several, to the tune of 1500 words. Pretty much all the story is here, so please enjoy. I'm pretty sure I ripped off part of it from the Cowboy Bebop manga (Ed becoming a computer program), but I still think it's a cool idea.

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So somebody mentioned Sulu for some reason or another, and it put me in mind of these stories what I never finished.

8. I started this for the kink meme; the prompt was something like the characters switch personalities but not minds or bodies, and I think it specified Chekov and Spock switching, and then I was like FUCK IT SWAP ALL THE CREW. I feel like [personal profile] dizmo prompted this; I know she watched over my digital shoulder as I wrote it. I posted the first half-ish to the kink meme and never finished it, which is a shame, because some of the best of it is poor repressed Sulu- love me some Sulu- finally getting a chance to express himself and be happy about his life, and that only got written in skeleton. And I just realized I cannibalized a line in here for that Erik/Darwin story what I wrote. I keep a lot of WIPs at any given time (I have at least fifty right now, and you think I'm kidding), so I do that a lot, consciously or unconsciously.

And I think the (not-yet-written) joke at the end was that Uhura and Bones had switched and nobody noticed, though reading back that may not have been the case.

NC-17, Chekov/Bones, Spock/Uhura, Jim/Sulu, 1500 words. No notes, because I think it's pretty clear what's going on, at least in outline.

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9. This is another kink meme one that got half-posted, and yet another always-cis-female!genderswap, which you should really accept from me by now (though iirc this may predate The Goddamned Genderswap). Otherwise it's pretty straight up and down oblivious!Bones/lovestruck!Chekov, because they are my OTP. Haters to the left.

R, Chekov/Bones, ~1450 words

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(For the uninitated/because I haven't done this in a while, this is when I post things I'm never, ever going to finish, ever, but want to be rid of.)

So this is the mpreg abortion story.

Here's the backstory: I wrote most of this, and then I shelved it, because it should be manifest that I start and never finish a lot of things. Then before I came back to it, somebody else posted one, about which I remember very little. And I was just going to be like, "lol fannish hivemind" and post it anyway, but then the other one turned into a kerfuffle and a whole lot of mpreg bashing. And me, I have no opinion about mpreg- I like the good stuff and dislike the bad stuff- I just like to fuck around with tropes.

So I was like, "out b4 wank bitches" and I never posted mine. The only thing I really am disappoint about is that I couldn't use this title, which is so awesome and so appropriate for this story (but only if you've read Nancy Scheper-Hughes, WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S NOT AWESOME) and totally inappropriate for anything else I would ever write.

Trivia fact: This is where the Ronon and macrame joke originally came from, and I have continually reused it because 1) it is totally canon 2) it will never not be funny to me.

This is about 750 words, John/Rodney, and, y'know, it is about abortion, so please keep that in mind.

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So, this is either the second or third SGA story I ever started- I'm pretty sure Everybody Wants To Be a Cat was first, then this one and Four Blatant Lies were right after it. It's a wrench that I never was able to finish it, because it has a whole lot of really great lines in it, but it's pretty typical for the pairing (though pretty atypical for me).

But what makes this story really special is that at some point, when I realized it was going to be around 5000 words, I outlined it.

In lolcat.

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(If you're reading on DW, earlier entries are here.)

This story is called Bury the Survivors, and I'm just never gonna finish it. In my head, it's the dark mirror version of The House By the Beach; in retrospect, I don't actually remember why I think that. In the end, though, it was too dark; I have this secret love for really super dark stories, but writing one was tedious, and I kept finding myself riding the line between dark and so-dark-it's-funny.

So. It's virtually complete, enough that I don't think it needs additional notes. It is super dark, with murder, sexual manipulation, and (possible) suicide, so tread with caution.

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