Mar. 15th, 2013

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Hey DW:

Does anybody want to see me pick the Fifty Shades drunkblog back up? Because I am considering it, because I am not good to my liver.
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You wanted, here it is.

Time for another foray into EL James's work of great beauty, Fifty Shades of Grey. Please consult this tag for previous editions.

I will, as usual, be liveblogging this process in this entry. I will give you the same caveats as my co-conspirator [personal profile] coffeesuperhero:
Things I cannot promise you:

+ that I will be funny
+ that I will be sorry for doing this
+ that you will enjoy this in any way

Things I can promise you:

+ I will definitely think I'm funny
+ I will drink a lot

Finally, don't try this at home, kids. (I'm guessing that's going to be a general theme for the book, by the way.)

Let me make a promise to you as well, flist: In this entry, as the others, you will not find me mocking the readers of this "fine" novel. I will be placing blame where it should be placed: on the author, editors, publishers, and characters of this abomination before the Lord. That's also what I expect in the comments. Got it?

I would like to remind you as well that anything I put in "double quotes" is a direct quote from the book. Anything in 'single quotes' is me fucking around. You will think I am fucking around more than I am, trust me.

Mix your drink and let's begin. )

And at page 271, my children, THAT is as much as I can take of this fucking book. Christ on his throne. I had a drink and a half, but I need SO many more.

God almighty.


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